America's Frontline Doctors Whistleblower, Jess Abu, Joins Reinette Senum

AFLDS' (Telegram) Citizen Corp Coordinator gives an inside look into the rise and fall of Dr. Simone Gold as an AFLDS Oversight Committee drops the gauntlet!

Dec 23, 2022

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but there’s a lot of misinformation swirling around about AFLDS; I feel some serious clarification of all things AFLDS-related is paramount at this moment. Our collective confusion around AFLDS is by design. So let me shine some light on the matter. A lot has developed since my big expose piece, “America’s Frontline Doctors: All Roads Point to Israel.”

After the current AFLDS Board filed a lawsuit against former AFLDS President and Chair Dr. Simone Gold on December 4th, 2022, in the U.S. District Court in Florida, Gold filed a lawsuit in Arizona against the current AFLDS Board seeking control of AFLDS, claiming her Board departure was “ineffective.”

However, Gold contradicted herself in her email to the current ALFDS Board on October 12th, 2022; she demanded that the AFLDS Board (now claiming it is not the Board) resign…. or else.

Soon after, AFLDS Board’s Florida lawsuit against Gold was dismissed on procedural grounds, with no evidentiary findings…. on the other side of the country; an Arizona Judge denied Gold’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the Board of Directors of AFLDS.

With the Florida case dead in the water, the AFLDS Board decided to focus on Gold’s AZ lawsuit and its evidentiary hearing.


Mop Up On Aisle 7

I have continued to communicate with former AFLDS staff, who have informed me that while there were earlier reports of a skeleton crew being paid by AFLDS to work the Gold Care business, we are getting updates that Gold Care has begun paying them and not AFLDS.

In addition, during Gold’s interviews, I can help but notice a massive conflict of interest; while speaking on behalf of AFLDS, she is also promoting her Gold Care business.

It’s understandable why people are confused.

I wish Gold would don her attorney hat and stop incriminating herself as she travels from interview to interview….. as the “Israeli” Frontline News keeps churning out sensational and inaccurate headlines daily in defense of Gold.

I call this “mopping up on aisle 7.”

Gold and her remaining staff, including the Israeli Frontline News, have been attempting to “mop” up this bad press by enrolling Gold in a medical freedom press junket to change the narrative around Gold’s lucrative and possibly criminal role as AFLDS founder and leader.

In addition, Gold has quietly stopped claiming herself as ALFDS's “President and Chairman” under her newsletter signature and brands herself as AFLDS's “Founder & President.” Perhaps she is reading the writing on the wall?

Every time Gold opens her mouth or writes a letter, she incriminates herself: Quietly backpedaling her claims of being AFLDS Chairman and then not Chairman… now she is, now she isn't, now she is, now she isn’t. Her claim seems to change according to the need…. and reminds me of a famous scene in Chinatown….

It’s obvious “Gold and Company” are hyper-focused on clearing Gold’s name and regaining control of the public narrative. The evidence is mounting and not in favor of Gold.

In addition, Gold’s team seems to be slowly backing out of calling themselves and their newly developed departments “America’s Frontline” and conveniently changing themselves to “America’s Frontline.”

Damningly, Gold and Company are also surreptitiously changing the largest AFLDS Telegram channels into Dr. Simone Gold’s name and promoting herself. Do note this has been done to the largest TG channel with 170,248 members.

This is so illegal and damning; I can’t believe an attorney like Gold would not see the danger in this….. as in “fraudulent activity” that violates federal trademark laws….

This reminds me of a similar PR tactic Bayer (former Monsanto) undertook when the average American was catching on to the harm caused by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in their food. Bayer promptly changed GMO on food labels to “bioengineered.”

While Gold and Company continue their “mop-up,” the AFLDS board established an Oversight Committee last week, designating medical freedom advocate Kevin Jenkins as Committee Chair.

Official Oversight Committee Press Conference video, here.

“At the end of the day,” stated Chair Jenkins, “justice will be done in the courts, but until that day, the work of this organization and the medical freedom movement, in general, is far too important not to continue.”

Two days ago, as I recorded the interview above with AFLDS’ Citizen Corp Coordinator and whistleblower Jess Abu, the ALFDS Oversight Committee released a damning statement by Committee Chair Jenkins below:

“I need to be frank with the public; what we have uncovered so far is nothing short of appalling. In short, Dr. Simone Gold treated foundation money as her own personal checkbook.

“Donations to the organization were used to fund her lavish lifestyle, as well as to the benefit of her boyfriend and her adult sons, instead of being used to advance the mission of AFLDS. This fraudulent scheme is ongoing.”

‘There is no ‘he said, she said’ here. There is no conspiracy to steal AFLDS from Dr. Gold. The facts speak for themselves – and if I were Dr. Gold, I would retain a good criminal defense attorney, and I would do so quickly.

Since establishing the AFLDS Oversight Committee, Gold has threatened Kevin Jenkins and AFLDS “press contact” Chris Barron with a Cease and Desist letter.

The Rearview Mirror

There are many lessons to be learned from AFLDS and Gold’s behavior. In a time when false idols have been mysteriously elevated in the medical freedom movement while other advocates are silenced and de-platformed, I find myself reevaluating who I follow and listen to. At the very least, we have to look past the popular faces of this fight.

We have been down this Covid road long enough to be able to look into the rearview mirror and identify emerging patterns. This fight is not a fight against Dr. Simone Gold and Company. It’s much, much larger than that.

Within the ranks of medical freedom fighters are individuals who, while doing good work pushing back on the Covid narrative, many always seem to derail their volunteers/staff and Americans from getting to the root of the evil.

As I have mentioned many times, I call this the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the work is good and spot on, while 20% keeps progress and actual effectiveness from ever coming to fruition.

We have to remember. We are being played…. and it’s a long game.

More to come on how the game is playing us….. but remember this:

We need AFLDS. We need what it stands for. In the words of Kevin Jenkins,

“If AFLDS fails, the medical freedoms movement fails.”

That is what is at stake.


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