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BREAKING: Pfizer Inc & US Food & Drug Administration Named in NY Supreme Court Lawsuit

British/Swiss international banker, Pascal Najadi, is pulling no stops. Committed to taking down Big Pharma, US criminals, and the WHO for Crimes Against Humanity.

As reported here, in my earlier substack (inspired by my friend, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny), this case is now taking on a life of its own. What began last December as a daring move, Pascal Najadi, a British/Swiss citizen and international banker, filed criminal charges against the Swiss President at his local police station. Najadi's criminal case, Swiss Federal Prosecutor Bern Switzerland vs. President of Switzerland and Minister of Health Alain Berset, is gaining speed and is pending in Switzerland. Najadi's case is the first in the world against a sitting president.

But there is more!

The trailblazing case had expanded as of last Friday when Najadi filed criminal charges, Najadi vs. Pfizer Inc—& US Food & Drug Administration with the Supreme Court NY, USA.

That’s right.

Najadi is pursuing the ultimate "crimes against humanity" case in the US. 

"We are dealing with a, we are dealing with a, uhh, I'm sorry to say that, with a mass murder."

Pascal Najada


The defendant (Pfizer) was notified through their law firm, Davis Polk, as of last Friday, March 3, 2023 (Link to the NY case: Index number: 100197/2023 and you will want to punch in "New York Supreme Court").

This is the notification the defendants received:

Criminal Charges Filed with Federal Prosecutor Bern Switzerland vs. President Alain Berset (as transcribed from an interview today with attorney Reiner Fuellmich)

Dear Pfizer Counsels,

As instructed by this court prior to a temporary restraining order being presented, it first has to be submitted to the defendants for Pfizer at Davis Polk. Attached here is a copy of the actions filed and pending in Switzerland by Mr. Pascal Najadi. Like Panama, Switzerland exercised the Pfizer vaccine lockdown mandate and QR code in quid pro quo bases that limited and deprived its citizens in various forms, including lockdowns. 

Pfizer gained sales on the mandate. Pfizer, a US corporation based in the United States of America, violated US federal and state laws and others in the United States; the only Covid-19 mandate in place is because of prior contracts signed by Medicaid and Medicare workers; CMS.

1) The CMS contract should have been nullified as CMS workers were unacquainted with the clauses and, therefore, fraudulent 

2) The CMC contract existed prior to the vaccine, and signing the contract by one party, HHS is a dire conflict of interest where the parties (the workers) should not be bound to abide. 

CMS mandates, therefore, violated 1st amendment rights and imposed separate but equal to those who invoked exceptions and the right to a third informed consent 

3) Because the contract existed prior to the vaccine and signing a blind contract, unacquainted of signing our rights, forced vaccines violate US federal and state laws and the right to assert informed consent. 

Najadi claimed in his interview with Fuellmich, "Now informed consent is very important in Switzerland too. I have filed criminal charges against the two doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into my body of a known toxic, untested clinically, experimental, Nuremburg code violating substance without informing me about potential risks on the Pfizer website; heart attack, thrombosis, turbo cancer, etc., and then there should be a line, where one would sign, do you understand the risks and then entered into medical history."

Najadi continued, "So because there was no mandate in the US or QR code imposed on people, Switzerland had no right to do that, and Pfizer, through the QR code and vaccination program in that country, gained profits. It's a US company and a US product. The US laws and regulations apply.

Today, we made a Twitter press statement regarding this US Supreme Court case. Swiss President Alain Berset has been named in the lawsuit, along with Pfizer, the FDA, in the United States of America….. for claiming that the Pfizer Inc "corona vaccination is effective for at least 12 months, significantly longer than previously assumed, that's good news, and one more reason to sign up for the vaccine."

"Engage justice intelligently. Use it. There are good elements in the courts….. It's about protecting freedom and order. "

Pascal Najadi

This is far-reaching, and the implications are massive, including "tort law cases for damages," stated attorney Reiner Fuellmich who interviewed Najadi earlier today.

I have been saying this since the beginning. Najadi's original police filing was one gigantic experiment and, today is proving to be a massive legal linchpin for ending the attempted planetary coup.

Anyone and everyone can go to their local police department are report the Covid-crime.

The house of cards is crumbling.


Najadi is no dummy. He knows that through the WHO’s Zero Draft Pandemic Accord, they are attempting to proclaim themselves global dictators by declaring everything under the sun a pandemic.

If Najadi can prove the Covid Crimes Against Humanity in US courts, he can single-handedly prevent the attempted WHO global takeover.

CRIMES OF TREASON via @SpartaJustice: If Joe Biden or any other politician seeks to sign and agree to the WHO Zero Draft Pandemic Accord which will give the WHO authority to violate human rights protected under the U.S. Constitution during a declared Pandemic they will be found guilty of Treason.

What defines the identity of the United States? It is the individual human rights and laws defined in the U.S. Constitution, therefore any action or law that is written or approved by any U.S. citizen owing allegiance to the United States that seeks to abolish or override any part of the U.S. Constitution can be legally viewed as an act of Treason which is written in Article III of the U.S. Constitution:

"Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

This deliberate act of Treason would invoke the U.S. Military to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies Domestic and Foreign.

The World Health Organization controlled by Bill Gates is a money making hedge fund with Big Pharma forcing their poison on the people that will kill them over time. The weapon of the world is the WHO, we have to Stop the WHO, the new WHO Accord is the number one enemy of humanity.

New insider information from a credible source says the charter of the WHO has already been legally disqualified, but we cannot stop fighting to make sure it is never signed into law.

Additional insider military information reveals Paris, Germany and the United Kingdom have authorization from NATO to use live ammunition on their own citizens. They don't need government approval to mobilize their military against their own citizens. It is a worldwide depopulation plan and the Mainstream Media are in on it.

Pascal Najadi using a one page document of evidence has successfully criminally charged the Swiss President for "Abuse of Power" for making false statements about the safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer mRNA vaccines. He has filed 3 additional criminal charges and the case is with the State Attorney General and State Prosecution for investigation. Pascal is triple vaccinated.

U.S. citizens both vaccinated and unvaccinated are strongly encouraged to file Covid related criminal charges at their local Sheriff's Office just as Pascal Najadi has successfully done. Every citizen in the world can do this, we must unite and join forces to bring those responsible to justice for these horrific crimes against humanity.


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