California's "Pollenocalypse" in Relationship to Geoengineering

After surviving CA's snowmageddon, you'd think we'd get a break: Record-breaking pollen & strange weather plagues CA residents. Dr. Marvin Herndon joins geoengineering team as expert consultant.

May 28, 2023


I have been on the public outreach trail for the last week for our upcoming geoengineering lawsuit. Massive outreach and education are significant components of our approach. I went to San Diego for a geoengineering event at The Village, where 60 people attended 5G/pollinator/geoengineering expert Nikki Florio's presentation. Before that, Nikki also spoke on our behalf at a World Wide Rally in San Diego.

(Thank you, Michael Wisnieux of Man Kind Project, for the video excerpt)

Upon returning home yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the unnatural amount of pollen everywhere and the outcry from people who had been nailed with swollen eyes, nasal issues, scratchy throats, abnormal skin conditions, breathing difficulties, frog brain, headaches, lethargy, and overall not feeling well.

Unfortunately, this pollen is so odd I feel obligated to get it lab tested because silver iodide has been found coated over large swaths of terrain in the past. Silver iodide is used in weather manipulation to create snow, but it can certainly be sprayed during the summer.

What was different during this time was that very little stratospheric spraying could be seen, but when you looked out a distance, it was very hazy.

I will be sending out my samples for analysis on Monday.

When you look at the symptoms caused by silver iodide, one realizes it’s not far from the same reaction people have with pollen (minus nausea and vomiting, from what I know).

It’s not snowing out…. but is there another purpose to spraying silver iodide…. beyond making people feel like crud and poisoning aquatic lifeforms?

In addition, when you look at our recent rain sample results, we can easily see that what we found in our rainwater can be found in “coal fly ash.” Fly ash comes from coal-fired boilers. Scrubbers are an apparatus that cleans the gases passing through the smokestack of coal-burning power plants. There is very little option for disposal of this highly toxic and heavy metal ladened ash that has now been utilized for decades in geoengineering projects.

Great way to get rid of the poison; dump it over our heads.


Fly ash is a coal combustion product composed of the particulates (fine particles of burned fuel) that are driven out of coal-fired boilers: Ash that falls to the bottom of the boiler's combustion chamber.

Are we experiencing a massive uptick in pollen, or is pollen the cover for silver iodide, possibly mixed with something else? It’s one gigantic experiment over our heads. I can only conclude that none of it is for our benefit.

I’ll keep you all posted on the lab results of the yellow dust.

In addition, many of the San Diego event attendees noted how strange the weather has been from San Diego to Santa Barbara for many weeks. It was downright cold, damp, rainy, and gloomy overcast — up and down the Southern California coast. Not typical this time of the year.


While at the San Diego event, I was fortunate to meet the renowned Dr. Marvin Herndon, one of the planet’s leading authorities on geoengineering. His seminal pieces have documented the planetary destruction stratospheric aerosol spraying causes:

Open Letter to the International Criminal Court Alleging United Nations Complicity in Planetary Treason

Collapse of Earth's Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason

Dr. Herndon has joined the team as an expert consultant for our upcoming lawsuit. His peer-reviewed papers will significantly impact the judge’s decision making and his expert advice will only ensure good standing within the courts.


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