Champion of "Primary Water," the Late Pal Pauer, in Two Rare Videos

Hidden Truths. All around us. Including Primary Water. Earth's unlimited water supply.

Oct 15, 2022
    The above interview with Primary Water Institute founder, Pal Pauer, occurred in 2021.

In August of 2015, during yet another drought in California, I brought Primary Water Institute founder Pal Pauer to my hometown, Nevada City, California. Though I was not a sitting city council member at that time, I still retained my solution-seeking orientation. Primary Water was one such solution I had stumbled upon years earlier, and I knew it was a must to bring to my community.

While the audio is a bit weak in this 2015 Nevada City presentation Pal Pauer gave, it is worth its weight in gold. This presentation video contains actual footage of Pauer's Primary Water drilling.

What is Primary Water?

"All water originates as Primary Water deep in the mantle of the Earth. Under pressure, it then makes its way to the surface via faults and fissures in the form of volcanic steam, artesian springs, geysers, and oases. The defining characteristic of Primary Water is that it has never before been on the surface of the Earth and is, therefore, free of surface pollutants. When it approaches the Earth's surface, Primary Water mixes with water already here and becomes part of the Hydrologic Cycle. Skilled Primary Water experts can locate the water as it nears the Earth's surface, thus reducing the depth of drilling normally required for water

It is estimated that this water deep within the Earth is 2-3 times more than the water in our oceans. Primary Water is considered the first source of water. Secondary Water is the water on the planet that cycles through evaporation, atmospheric rainfall, rivers, and oceans. 

In the 1980s, the late Dr. Stephen Riess, a geologist, and mining engineer, began promoting the concept of Primary Water, as found in this fascinating newspaper article, There's Water Down Below, circa 1985. At that time, Riess proposed drilling thousands of well along my neck of the woods, the Sierra Foothills. 

Riess' plans never transpired, and today, Californians are being held over a barrel regarding the false claim that we have no water. See the previous interview on California's water theft, Citizen-Sleuth Elaine Buxton Uncovers California's Great Water Heist.

Riess' legacy continued with Paul Pauer, founder of Primary Water Institute, until his recent death this year after returning to his homeland of Hungary from California. It was a personal honor to have been able to call Pal Pauer a friend and mentor.

Pauer even brought the ancient water to Libya in what was known as Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi's "Great Man-Made River Project" in the 1980s. Tapping into Libya's Primary Water became the catalyst for Gaddafi's farming revolution known as "Green Visions." 

"This artificial waterway, built with pipes made in Libya and using water brought up from ancient underground aquifers, was just one of several environmental projects, including special types of pivot irrigation for circular farms in the middle of the Sahara Desert."

It seemed the Establishment wasn't too keen on Gaddafi tapping into an unlimited water source — we all know how that ended — because "scarcity" is the name of the game. Those in power can't control the masses if we realize we live in abundance…

Pal Pauer supervised Gaddafi's pipe dream and was also involved in Primary Water drilling projects throughout:







Marshal Islands

United States

Primary Water is an idea whose time has come. We can actually take this into our own hands. 

Water is Life. Truth is Power. The Time is Now.

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