Citizen-Sleuth Elaine Buxton Uncovers California's Great Water Heist

Californians are being taken for a watery ride by smoke and mirrors, greed, and outright thievery.

In this interview, Reinette Senum is joined by citizen-sleuth Elaine Buxton, who has uncovered where California’s water has gone, how bad laws make it “legal,” and how Californians need to wake up before the collective well goes dry.

Through laborious research of public records, official documents, and government meetings, Buxton exposes what is happening under our noses: California has water, lots of it, and the drought is simply the cover story for the state’s Great Water Heist.

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Sometimes it’s the citizens with the most determination who uncover what few investigative journalists have patience or fortitude for. Elaine Buxton is one such citizen.

Are you a citizen-sleuth? Are you naturally inclined to dig up the dirt or information nobody else is? Do you have a propensity to identify patterns, trends, and data or uncover the hidden? If so, reach out, and let’s get you on the record with an interview! Contact me at reinettesenum@protonmail.com.

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