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Dr. Judy Mikovits Takes on the Cult of Scientism

Join Reinette Senum & Dr. Judy Mikovitz as they explore the alter of Fauci, how "favored races" are engineered to win, and the role glyphosate plays in a vaccinated world.

From the book, The Plague of Corruption, to the documentary, Pandemic, world-renowned Ph.D. Biomedical Research Scientist and famed whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits has been riding the tip of the medical freedom spear.

Join Reinette Senum and Dr. Mikovits as they take a deep dive into our current Covid state of affairs.

A year ago, scientists, medical professionals, and government officials knew that the spike protein in the Covid virus, the Covid shot, and exosome form are the same… and by design, as demonstrated in these excerpts from a slide presentation presented to the Pennsylvania Medical Society at the Racial Equity and the SARSCOV’s in 2021.

SARSCOV2 spike proteins are “race specific.


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