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Dr. Lee Merritt, MD Exposes Some of America's Biggest Red Flags

The mechanisms of 'Atrocity Propaganda,' the infiltration of US' most popular movements, the bloodlines still in play on the global stage, the #1 risk to our health & lives: parasites.
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This is one of my all-time favorite interviews and it’s with Dr. Lee Merritt. We cover a lot of territory in this conversation, much of which will be new information to many.

Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic and spinal surgeon serving nine years as a Navy physician and surgeon, has served on the Congressional Subcommittee for the New Research Advisory Committee” for Future Technology for Naval Services (NRAC) for the defense against biological and chemical weapons.

Through the lens of the military and medical-industrial complex, Dr. Merritt gives unparalleled perspectives on the most critical issues of our times.


Today, Dr. Merritt has, where one can find essential protocols, resources, and information.

Enjoy this thought-provoking and revealing interview. The topics are broad, timely, and jaw-dropping (at least my jaw dropped a few times).

There is no topic off the table in this interview, including;

  • The Intelligence War is a battle off the field and pursuing a new territory, your mind.

  • How the world’s most prominent scientific publishing houses are owned by intelligence agencies.

  • The military counterintelligence within the medical freedom movement.

  • The deception of the Nunn-Lugar Act of 1991: America’s foray into bio-weapons laboratories.

  • Life in the Truman Show.

And oh so much, much more…..


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