Geoengineering Legal Fund Status Update & Stopping the Indoctrination

Necessity is the mother of all invention; saving our skies will save our planet. How to stop the early geoengineering indoctrination of our children.

Apr 28, 2023

We have reached a point where we have no choice but to be remarkable. What has been transpiring over our heads over the years will force us into revolutionary action. As we work on this legal case, we launched last week on GiveSendGo’s Stop Us Geoengineering Legal Fund; we will also work from the ground up with a massive public outreach and educational component to reach critical mass and build public pressure.

We take a multi-prong approach and advise everyone to do the same—time to put the pressure on from all directions.

We are going to reclaim our skies. We are going to reclaim our planet and all its living things. And we will also be spending the rest of our lives healing and restoring what has been destroyed.

I recently talked with the constitutional attorney and law professor Deane Pollard Sack, who is coalescing the superb legal team. Our conversation was inspiring, and I would like you to be privy to the highlights of our discussion. You will find this in the video above.

As Deana says,

                                “Our government (and corporations) can’t claim 
                                        a public necessity to destroy our skies.”

We have set up a Save Our Skies page on my website. As we progress, we will give updates there, including press and news releases, interviews, etc. You can find that page here.

I want to thank all the fantastic donors and those sharing this legal fund and the extraordinary case we are pursuing. I also thank all of you for your prayers and messages.

I have received many calls of concern and personal stories from people witnessing the destruction of ecosystems around the country due to the aerosol attack.

I want you all to know I hear you, and we will no longer stand for this!


It is essential to share this. On a geoengineering Telegram channel, we had a So Cal teacher share with us the following:

Hey everybody, this is…. from the So Cal area. You are not going to believe it. You are just not going to believe this…

So I’m a public school teacher, and I was implementing the California state test today on reading…

The reading passages were all about cloud seeding and weather modification in chemtrails; they’re brainwashing these kids! Teaching them that this is normal.

And the indoctrination continues:

Hi everybody! Ready for another red pill? This is …. down in the So Cal area. Remember yesterday when I told you that I am administering state testing, and there was a reading exercise all about chemtrails and cloud seeding?

Well, today, they had to write in a story or a narrative style writing. Guess what the topic was? “Write about an extreme weather event.”

It’s evident that the powers that be are trying to normalize the geoengineering haze over our heads and normalize the nonstop weather “events.”

They are starting with our children, and I see this indoctrination slip in everywhere.

But, now…. now it’s even in the children’s education?!

Get-your-children-out-of-public-school! Sit them down and tell them what is going on!

This brainwashing technique is in children’s books, movies, magazines, images… everywhere.

We even had it in thank you cards we purchased last year for my gubernatorial campaign (the slogan was Wake, The Bear). So, we got a variety of bear cards, and lo and behold, they had the “streak” in these as well.

You can well imagine. These cards didn’t get addressed to anyone….


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