Is California Getting Set-up for Turkish/Syrian-Style Earthquakes?

Anomalies about in California's recent earthquakes. Nikki Florio joins Reinette Senum to point out the unnatural state of what's shaking.

May 13, 2023


Geoengineering/5G/pollinator expert Nikki Florio jumped on a quick interview with me yesterday to give an overview of California's recent unnatural state of earthquakes. The shakers were similar to the manmade earthquakes that devastated Turkey and Syria last February.

If you are not familiar with what I am speaking about, I highly encourage you to check out my recent posts here:


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For those who want to undertake their own research and observation, check out:

Southern California Earthquake Data Center:

EMSC Latest Earthquake Information:

Video on Turkey’s earthquakes. The majority are 10km deep. This is not natural:

Keep an eye on earthquakes here on USGS, including the depth:,-776.25&extent=89.98333,580.78125

As Nikki states, an earthquake that has a minus such as -1.4km means the “focus” was 1.4km above ground; or where the earthquake was generated. This obviously can only be manmade and mostly HAARP generated.

It’s best we become familiar with the 5th Generation Warfare that is upon us. Be aware of the “fingerprints,” as pointed out in these most recent California earthquakes.

Are you prepared for an earthquake? I’m not…. but I am motivated now, however.

Fires, earthquakes, snowpocalypse, oh my!


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