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Metatronic Code: Are We Already Living in an Artificial World?

The Alien Hacking of our Biofield, Unveiling the Hidden Forces Shaping Our Reality, and the Matrix Blueprint Revealed... While Standing at an Eternal Crossroad.
(If you have difficulty playing this video, please go HERE for Pt 1 & HERE for Pt 2 of the above video)

You are most likely aware of what is known as the Fibonacci Spiral, the Golden Mean, or the Flower of Life, all of which I have recently learned is based upon an inorganic hex geometry known as "Metatron's Cube." In reality, these may very well be part of an artificial construct to mislead us into a different and alien program rather than a timeline known as the Krystal Spiral - a fractal blueprint to our God-Source existence.

The two competing timelines are the organic Krystal Spiral Time Wave and the inorganic Fallen Metatronic (Fibonacci) Spiral Time Wave (the fallen creation code program).

Supposedly, on November 8th and 9th, 2023, the above two timelines cross.

My above video commentarty dissects this paradigm-shifting premice.

If this theory is true — that these competing timelines are about to cross each other’s path come this November — the implications are significant, to say the least.

The Original Eternal LIfe Kryst Code Template and the Fallen Finite Metatronic Code Template.


In the realm of esoteric knowledge, the Metatronic code, often associated with Fallen Consciousness — a state inhabited by entities like the Fallen Angelics and Imposter Spirits (aliens) — has its origins in a fundamental misalignment with the divine plan of God Source. As our cosmic journey unfolds, the misuse of free will choice through clever obfuscation eventually threatens the very existence of the Cosmic Order, endangering our path to eternal life (aka keeping your soul entact).

Metatronic Reversal is the process of diverting from the original Christos Divine Blueprint, the 12 Tree Grid, and giving rise to Anti-Christ life forms. When we tamper with the original blueprint provided by God Source, we disrupt our ability to self-regenerate and ascend. This disruption leads to Fallen Consciousness, a state teetering on the edge of potential destruction.

The term "Metatronic" is intrinsically linked with "Metatron," which extends beyond a singular Archangel, as often portrayed in New Age and Kabbalah teachings.


The alteration of the Krystal Code restricts the energy supply within our Lightbody, hindering the direct flow of energy from the eternal God Source. Consequently, the Metatronic or Anti-Christ being must seek energy from external sources (that would be you, me, and this very existence), slowly depleting itself, ultimately meeting its finite end.

This process is known as the Metatronic Reverse Mutation. Sadly, for those seeking to stay on the path of the Krystal Spirals, this code becomes a formidable obstacle. It morphs into what we know as the Predator Mind, obstructing the realization of higher consciousness potential. As a result, the individual is unable to fulfill their soul's expression and the highest purpose of maintaining the Cosmic Order. The influence of Metatronic frequencies extends beyond Earth, permeating various layers of the multi-dimensional anatomy within the Universal Time Matrix.

This complex web of influences and forces underlines the intricate fabric of our reality, urging us to explore its depths and consequences…. hence my video above.

Jump in to a paradign shifting video commentary that will help you identify which “reality field” you want to choose.


From the Bosnian Pyramid carvings, we have an ancient decipherment:

“The gate has been closed. We are at the standstill. We will have to defend ourselves and conquer until the cosmic gate is open again.


The alien-based metatronic “mechanics” is supported by the research of Sabrina Wallace — child-survivor of MKultra programs — who has her own style of delivering difficult-to-digest technological truths and the hijacking of our Biofields:

150 years ago for the purpose of harnessing all human brains to a hive mind - ppl would be pissed off that nobody told them wtf was going on at their jobs .. They are sending electrical signals through our bodies at a high and rapid rate that is severely disruptive to our immune system because our bodies are electrical, bio chemical and cells require a certain voltage to properly divide, replenish and exchange electrical blueprints and cellular instructions. The human biofield is a body part that was removed from common human knowledge about 150 years ago and formerly spoken of as the aura. Since I was born in 1979 people speak of the aura as if it’s foo foo and worthless when in reality it is 80% of our immune system and a massive component of our central nervous system and how our brain routes signals through our cerebral spinal fluid. Disallowing people to speak about a component of human anatomy seems ridicule worthy on the surface; until you watch someone be ‘remoted’ like Mitch McConnel on the tv the other day and recognize that’s just another wireless ‘technology’ like the wireless technology your phone uses to send text messages or email. Then hopefully you recognize that routing all that data through the body requires a bigger pipe because there are more people using the body for data than the cable modem; just like when people discovered they could download 5 emails instead of 1 waiting on the dial up they were so excited; after 150 years of being with held from their own electrical body part with natural telepathy etc, now they will be required to augment with graphene and other mrna human augmentation in order to ‘feel’ or be smart enough to have a job .. it’s not a va_ _ i _e if it requires graphene; they demanded the obeiescence bc they are already augmented and anyone who does not willingly comply will eventually be hunted bc every man is already a sensor. I know it’s very difficult for folks bc of all the misdirection in the last 4 years as well. The shot is for the backbone of your WBAN and the spiked protein watches individual neurons for further ‘health care’ opportunities for your wban.

You can find video posts on Sabrina Wallace “psinergy” HERE.


Timewave Spirals video:

Via commenter regarding Timewave Spirals, ShortLeggedDog:

“These are Keylontic Science teachings brought forward by Ashayana Deane. She wrote several books and held many workshops around the globe. That video is from Ian Parks a student of the material.”

The complete Primordical Code documentary:

If you are intersted in this topic, check out Celest Solum on synthetic biology:


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