Over Our Heads; The Greenwashing of Earth Day

As the U.S. celebrated 53 years of Earth Day, we surveyed my property & grappled with the ecological crash in my yard: the loss of morning dew, pollinators, & robust plant life, to name a few.

Apr 24, 2023
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The irony of surveying my front yard with pollinator/5G/geoengineering expert Nikki Florio on the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day was not lost on me. Only a few blocks away in my hometown, I could hear a crowd celebrating down the main street, oblivious to the exponential ecological crash around the planet that can be easily summarized by the findings in my yard.

Nikki is familiar with my property. She has seen it over the years and has always commented on how robust my pollinator and insect population was.

That was six years ago.

Today, we see it is all crashing.

It was heartbreaking to finally finish repairing all of my broken tree limbs after surviving our Northern California snowpocalypse, only to realize that the plant and insect life in my yard was failing.

How can this be after a record year of snow and rain? Everything should be popping, abundant, well-watered, and prosperous.

But this was not the case.

So, I wanted Nikki to look at my yard again with her expert set of eyes.

In this video above, Nikki goes through the yard in detail, describing the essential ecological support systems that are getting throttled.

We have taken little things for granted that are quietly being altered or all out vanishing.

One such example is we have lost our morning dew because of this non-stop geoengineering. If you don’t think morning dew plays an essential role in a healthy ecosystem, allow me to elaborate:

Dew reduces water stress for plants through three main processes.

  • Water deposited on grass and leaves reduces transpiration (the release of water into the atmosphere through pores in the plant's leaves). Dew forms a protective barrier on the leaf; transpiration will not occur until the dew evaporates. This means that the plant retains more moisture in its cells, making it more resilient in hot, dry conditions.

  • As dew evaporates, it cools the plant down in much the same way that evaporating sweat cools your body on a hot day. This reduces heat stress in very hot environments.

  • Some species, especially desert plants, can actually absorb water directly through their leaves. For these species, dew is a direct source of hydration.

Dew may also play an important role in seed germination. High levels of dew in grasslands could provide the moisture needed for different types of seeds to germinate, perhaps even creating conditions that support the transition from grasslands to forests.


And where do you think insects get their water from regularly? Morning dew. It’s their water source during the dry season. No dew. No insects

Dew also keeps the soil and leaves moist…. but the leaves and dry grass are crisp in my yard.

Do you have dew? I’m curious.

I haven’t had morning dew for years. And this year, my plants are crispier than ever.


We could see the increasing damage of geoengineering in my small yard everywhere and in various forms that Nikki breaks down in the video.

  • Solar dimming is slowly killing plants and reducing their photosynthesis ability.

  • Manmade geoengineered freezes are killing the blossoms.

  • Blossoms no longer contain the pollen they used to.

  • Plants are so stressed they produce terpenes which are highly flammable.

  • Blossoms and leaves are being scorched.

  • The bird population and wildlife have plummeted.

  • The bee population has dropped significantly, including the bee diversity.

  • And my beloved hummingbirds. They vanished six days ago.

And while we uncovered this sad truth in my front yard, we were being sprayed like bugs overhead.

How Earth Day ended for us

But there’s nothing to see, folks. Keep celebrating Earth Day and not comprehend that the Earth's ecosystem has been tanking since Earth Day launched over half a century ago.

Our planet’s biodiversity is barely diverse.

And yet, we think “doing our part” is showing up for an Earth Day celebration and going to a bunch of green-washed booths to buy the latest “green” product as if this is all it takes.

How blind can we be?

And don’t tell me it’s climate change doing all of this to the planet. We must stop all the geoengineering projects before blaming it on the cows.

So, please, stop with the superficial earth celebrations and get to the actual work…

Unless we bump up our game, we will turn our Earth Day celebration into a funeral march.


As you can well imagine, I’m not going to take this sitting down. I’m ordering my Biochar for the soil, per Nikki’s suggestion. I’m making more electroculture “antennas” to post near every struggling plant or tree, and I have my Flick a Seed soil I will be spreading as well.

I’ll keep you posted on the developments.


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