Sound of Freedom Poll Results & a Personal Account of My Own Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse: I never realized how ubiquitous it was throughout the world as a child. And now, with a growing public awareness of sexual abuse & trafficking, I ask myself, where do we go from here?

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in my survey a week ago, Take a Poll on Sound of Freedom. After I had posted a somewhat explosive substack piece earlier, 15 thoughts From a Sex Trafficked Survivor regarding The Sound of Freedom, “a thriller about a former Homeland Security agent battling human trafficking,” I became increasingly curious as to how people were really moved by the “the sleeper hit,” and what we are doing about it. 

The results are here:

In my video above, I share a personal (and I do mean personal) commentary on the poll results.

But what I find most interesting is the poll result directly below and what this says for us, collectively.


But this isn’t simply about poll results. This is a very personal story as well. 

Sexual abuse and all the trauma, shame, and confusion that comes with it has created untold suffering and scarring. It has neutralized and disabled many for centuries.

It has been the "the unspeakable truth.” Many of us thought sexual abuse/trafficking was a rare occurrence, only to find out it’s the ultimate “currency” in a very dark and monstrous world.

Despite the $140 million The Sound of Freedom has made, the victims’ voices go unheard. The traffickers have made more money. The truth IS being fed to us… systematically.

But eyes are opening….

Now that there is a growing awareness of this dark and insidious underbelly of our humanity…… are we ready to address this deep wound or give it a quick and superficial glance and pop another bandaid over it?

The “system,” or those “in power,” would like this. This is their intention.

How do we not “go according to plan,” and ensure we go beyond “awareness” and step into action?

                                  Can we afford not to address this level of criminality 
                                              and finally allow ourselves to heal?

What would that even look like? How do we prevent ourselves from being derailed from overcoming humanity’s biggest challenge: facing the darkest of dark secrets that have kept us captive for generations?

I know I’m not alone in grappling with this societal awakening; I would love to hear your voice about this beckoning subject matter…..


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