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The WWIII Gauntlet Has Been Dropped & Nobody Seems to Give a Damn

How eco-terrorism, the W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty, Central Bank Digital Currency, growing surveillance, and chemical warfare are being served up to Americans, & yet few have a spine to say Hell No!

Forgive me as I vent in this piece…. but I can’t believe how neutered many of us have become as a human species. This was never more apparent than during my recent visit to New York City.

I returned home yesterday with observations from my trip to the Big Apple. My encounters with lackadaisical attitudes towards the fast-approaching surveillance state and control over every aspect of our lives were quickly highlighted throughout my short stay in the city.

This observation was compounded by the threat of the Ohio train derailment chemicals spreading throughout New York and the East Coast…. and how so few were even aware of this.

I couldn’t help but feel like a sitting duck at times.

Those who have deemed themselves our global (unelected) leaders are throwing everything they have at us…. including chemical-ladened train cars. Yet, many Americans continue to be surprisingly oblivious to the rising level of genocidal war games we are being subjected to.

Those wielding all the power are playing a nastier and nastier game by the day. As expected, their attitude is “if we go down, you’re going down with us.”

When is Enough Enough?

How many more surveillance cameras, biometrics, and tracking devices do we need to intrude upon every aspect of our lives?

When do we understand that the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDG), a cashless society, and all its “offerings” as a trap of the highest order?

How many more food processing and distribution centers need to be burned to the ground for us to catch on?

How many more train derailments full of deadly chemicals and subsequent unnecessary fires do we have to watch choke our skies and poison our water, soil, and food?

At what point do we acknowledge that bioweapons were forced upon us by once-respected leaders, academics, and medical professionals? Even by our beloved friends, neighbors, and family?

At what point do we recognize the Who, CDC, UN, FEMA, WEF, DoD, DoJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, Federal Reserve, Public Health Departments, and all forms of government for what they have become? Criminal enterprises.

When do we realize we are enduring 5th generation warfare and unapologetic assaults upon our environment, bodies, and every living creature on this precious earth?

Another Chinese spy balloon, anyone?


It’s Now or Never

We are standing on the edge of a massive and deadly precipice for humanity…. while the inability of the average American to recognize our daunting circumstance is growing more alarming considering the rising number of unfettered, creative attacks.

An invisible cage is being constructed around all of us, and all the American people can do is continue to clammer for convenience and comfort as we head towards our collective incarceration.

It has become apparent that public education and massive indoctrination campaigns have successfully removed individuals’ originality and ability to decent against this diabolical agenda.

Don’t get me wrong. I know some amazing warriors. But our numbers are few.

What happened to America’s fighting spirit? Our will to survive? Our determination to ensure a beautiful and free planet for generations to come?

Are we willing to allow the destruction of humanity to happen on Our Watch?

I’m not.

We will win this war, but the longer we ignore where we truly stand, the longer this will continue. It’s up to us.

Is it going to be six months or six hundred years?

Either we stop this now or ensure generations of death, mayhem, struggle, and servitude.

Where do you stand in this war? What are you doing to bring it all to an end? How do you ensure you are not conforming to societal bondage?

Every day as we engage in the world around us, we either fight for our freedom or pave a path to our enslavement.

The choice is ours. No decision is insignificant.

The time to end the madness is now.


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