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Turkey; Withstanding a Modern-day 5th Generation and Silent War

Natural catastrophes may not be so natural, and modern warfare has turned our communities into the frontlines.

I’m tired of seeing the unabated destruction of our planet and all things beautiful, watching much suffer from what seems to be the direct result of an illusive hand.

I am surrounded by a once healthy and robust forest in the lower Sierra Nevada range, now dying from an onslaught of nearly 2-decades of incessant aerosol spraying. I see day in and day out, like today, a clear blue sky in the morning, only to be crisscrossed into a choking geo-engineered haze by afternoon.

The pollinators and insect populations have plummeted.

Forests and crops alike are suffering.

“Died suddenly” and “unexpectedly” are a common thread that can be found in our community obituaries.

And living in my hometown today is like living in the remnants of a community that once was; annihilated by an invisible bomb. The buildings remain, but the community no longer resembles what it was pre-Covid.

The battles we need to win are so numerous and dauntless that it’s overwhelming. My only hope to end this madness is a full-on economic crash that comes with its inherent risks and tribulations.

It’s the proverbial wolf chewing off its paw to escape a trap.

While an economic, Federal Reserve, and Central Bank crash would be painful on many levels, it seems the only chance we have to stop the digitized open-air prison expanding all around us.

We are the first generation globally to be subjected to what is known as 5th Generation and Silent Warfare. It is inconspicuous, ugly, and unforgiving, targeting unsuspecting citizens in every community worldwide.

Many are unaware that they are a casualty of war in their own hometowns.

There is nowhere to hide.


Now, we have Turkey and its unfathomable series of earthquakes.

I watched in horror as the scenes unfolded in the Turkish aftermath yesterday. I spent a few weeks there a couple decades ago and was enthralled by the history, traditions, food, architecture, and beautiful, soulful people.

Seeing them gripped in horror each time the earth shook, subjecting them to ongoing psychological horror and trauma, was more than I could bear on many levels.

While at first glance it may seem Mother Nature dealt them a rough blow, this may be anything but natural.

Please bear with me.

What initially caught my attention were the aftershocks that followed the M7.8 earthquake (starting at the bottom right of the chart below). These were not typical aftershocks but earthquake after earthquake that followed the original M7.8. And they continued unabated, pummeling an already terrorized and decimated population.

This is highly unusual for aftershocks, as seen in this example below, of an analysis of a similar M7.8 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks in the 1994 Northridge earthquake in California:

Below is a forecast of what can be expected following most earthquakes.

Any aftershock over M3 is not the norm. Turkey’s aftershocks were between M5 and M7.

In addition, the timing of the Turkey earthquake and subsequent staggering aftershocks is highly suspect, considering recent geopolitical developments surrounding Turkey.


Turkey’s rhetoric against Washington and several European capitals has grown more belligerent, most recently, with the interior minister calling out the American ambassador Jeffry Flake.

Embassies in Turkey, of which many are NATO nations, were issued security warnings, and a mass exodus of embassy staff and officials ensued. The excuse was due to possible targeting in retribution for recent Quran-burning protests throughout Europe.

Earlier this week, the US Embassy in Ankara and several European diplomatic missions issued security warnings against potential “terrorist” attacks by jihadist groups targeting Westerners in response to Quran-burning protests across Europe over the past few weeks. Some of the European missions, foreign cultural centers, and even foreign schools were closed down temporarily this week over the security threats.

On Thursday, Ankara conveyed displeasure over the temporary closures and security alerts, with the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoning ambassadors of the United States, Sweden, France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who accused the West of waging a “psychological war” against Ankara on Thursday, renewed his accusations today by singling out the United States. 

“I'm calling out to the American ambassador here,” he said. “Get your filthy hands off Turkey. We know very well what you have done … how you have attempted to stir up Turkey,” Soylu added, reiterating his frequent attacks on Washington.

The Turkish interior minister has lashed out at the US ambassador in Ankara after Washington and eight European countries issued travel warnings and moved to temporarily close their diplomatic missions in Turkey over purported security concerns.

Suleyman Soylu, an outspoken critic of the United States who accuses Washington of the 2016 military coup attempt and plots to portray Turkey as an unstable state, railed against US ambassador Jeffry Flake on Friday, telling him to take his “dirty hands off Turkey.”

"Every US ambassador who arrives in Turkey is hurrying to find out how to make a coup possible in Turkey," Soylu said in an address at a ministerial event in the Turkish city of Antalya.

"I address the US ambassador from here. I know the journalists you made write articles," he added. "Take your dirty hands off Turkey. I’m being very clear. I very well know how you would like to create strife in Turkey. Take your grinning face off from Turkey."

Soylu also accused US embassies in Europe of convening together in an attempt to control the continent. He stressed that US efforts in Turkey were "futile" thanks to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The US, along with eight European countries, including Germany, France and the Netherlands, have since last week either temporarily shut their embassies and consulates in Turkey or issued travel warnings after widespread protests against the desecration of the Holy Qur’an in Europe.”

On Thursday, Soylu condemned the closures as an attempt to meddle in campaigning for Turkey's presidential and parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for 14 May. The Turkish interior minister and other officials also suggested that the Western states had issued the security warnings in order to pressure Turkey to tone down its criticism of the sacrilegious move and resolve the NATO dispute.

Far-right activists burned copies of the holy Muslim book in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands last week. The conduct led to a halt in negotiations for Turkey to lift objections to a bid by Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

                          “I'm calling out to the American ambassador here,” he said. 
            Get your filthy hands off Turkey. We know very well what you have done... 
                                         how you have attempted to stir up Turkey.” 

                                                                                               Süleyman Soylu
                                                                                               Turkey Interior of Ministry


Conveniently, days after the security warning and a stampede of exiting embassy workers, the string of unprecedented “aftershocks” struck Turkey, collapsing thousands of multi-level buildings.


The war against Turkey may have transitioned into next-level modern-day warfare, using HAARP to initiate earthquakes.

Now, for those who continue to disbelieve in the existence of this wicked power, watch the video at the top of this post, and take a breath.

Whether or not you like to hear this, we are all on a ubiquitous battlefield: Our communities are the frontlines.

And now, Turkey and their beautiful citizen are paying the ultimate price for standing up against the US/NATO machine.

The NATO evil-doers are losing their battle in Ukraine and have nothing to lose, so they are pulling out all the stops.

For those who are unfamiliar with 5th Generation and Silent Wars, here’s a little primer, per a previous Corbert Report substack:

In a nutshell, Lind et al.'s thesis are that the "modern age" of warfare began with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, which, Lind opines, "gave the state a monopoly on war." From that point on, modern warfare went through three generations, namely:

  • First-generation warfare: the tactics of line and column, developed in the era of the smoothbore musket;

  • Second-generation warfare: the tactics of indirect fire and mass movement, developed in the era of the rifled musket, breechloaders, barbed wire and the machine gun; and

  • Third-generation warfare: the tactics of nonlinear movement, including maneuver and infiltration, developed in response to the increase in battlefield firepower in WWI.

  • Fourth-generation warfare—the lines between "civilian" and "military" become blurred, armies tend to engage in counter-insurgency operations rather than military battles, and enemies are often motivated by ideology and religion, making psychological operations more important than ever.

This leads us to today, 5th-Generation Warfare:

By its very nature Fifth Generation Warfare is difficult to define, though it is based heavily on the aspects of deception, intelligence and misinformation. Fifth Generation Warfare also known as Information Warfare is military driven action based on accumulation and manipulation of data to influence public thought.

And this is a primer for those unfamiliar with what HAARP is and what it can do:

According to the Environmental Impact Statement, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – or otherwise known as HAARP – is an ionospheric research program that is funded by the United States Military for the purpose of analysing the ionosphere and investigating the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.

Built in the year of 1993, little has been made known about what exactly the project is researching which has gained the facility quite the reputation – which isn’t really positive. To make matters worse, hundreds of millions of tax payer’s hard earned dollars are being spent on this facility each and every year, despite the general US population not knowing exactly what they are working on inside the remote facility.

  • It is capable of being a geophysical weapon

  • It can cause climate change (when experts say climate change is manmade, they aren’t kidding)

  • It can affect our brains

  • It is funded by the military

  • It has the ability to cause earthquakes

  • It can manipulate our actions

  • The project was kept very secretive

This is why I postulate that our only hope is a complete economic collapse. Not an easy pill to swallow, but how else do we prevail over what we cannot see?

With so much being at stake in Europe and the surrounding regions, we cannot doubt that anything is possible.

I know my subscribers will have much to share on this matter…. and please do.


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