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https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ch8v4TVL9yq0/ Steve Falkoner has an easy to understand video about all of this. It's long, but well worth the time. He is very easy to listen to. Many people have reposted shorter videos of his. Public health is fraud which is what all of these situations are based on. I can't make you sick and you can't make me sick. If anybody has read books by Joe Dispenza, then you will know the power of our mind and how we can make ourselves sick by thoughts.. Hence I believe how families sometimes get sick. Del has disappointed me for the last few hours as he won't talk about this. I learned so much about vaccines from him in the past and respect him for that. However, here is one of the things that I wish would be discussed more too. Why are we not demanding to repeal Act 1986? If we had true transparency and accountability, big pharma would go down!! Thanks again.

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About time you cover the No Virus perspective!

Thank you, Reinette!

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Reinette! Thank you for listening to those of us egging you on about this. What I love about both you and Alec is your willingness to explore other perspectives, ask questions, be curious, and not be afraid to change your beliefs about something. So many people, even when they smell a rat, have too much invested in a certain theory - be it money, a job, or their reputation - to say "I don't believe that anymore."

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Try these steps the next time you start feeling sort of sick. Print it out for when that happens.

Works remarkably well for me ...

1. Scour the fridge for anything starting to rot, throw it out

2. Pour bleach or H2O2 into all drains including toilet

3. Wash clothes and bedding

4. Throw out all trash, get it away from you

... based on something that to my knowledge is a new theory one might call something like

'Resonant Harmony Antagonism'

There's a beautiful symphony performance going on in your body. Everything has vibrations, like sound. Any of those four items are hysterical microscopic miscreants backstage clanging symbols, banging drums and blasting horns randomly, loudly

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Let’s go Reinette!

I live in California and was speaking to my sister in Morocco in December and I said everyone is sick right now. And she said “the weather changed…” and I thought yes she is right. Other cultures think a lot about weather and seasons and wrapping up warmly etc.

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Alec is A+

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The last mythical virus, spike in the air, cries out ... I coulda been a contender! :D

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I’m open to the no virus theory. My main question would be, what are they seeing on electron microscopes then, that they’re calling viruses? Thanks!

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Dear Reinette, Alec refered to a video recorded with a microbiologist, do you have the link? Thanks in advance.

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Well done, again, Reinette. Thank you for introducing Alec Zeck. Very incisive. My mantra is to observe before accepting anything these days. Sooner or later the wheat and the chaff are divided making it easier to discern correctly. I'd been hearing some negative things about Del and frankly haven't really seen or heard much from him in a while. While RFK seems to mean well, and I know this is not scientific criteria, he is connected to Hollyweird. And you're so right in pointing out that we have been lied to for so long and the lies so deep that it's even a wake up call to someone such as myself, awake for so long, that when reading the technical details in Zeck's letter it's yet another wake up call. Stay safe! PS Are there reparations for having your 'golden years' stolen?!

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I have done research on how many of the earliest promoters of the theory that the SARS 2 virus does not exist were either flat earthers or somehow linked to the flat earth psyop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zdsOm3LvgBv5OdSVnxSdpAou6mv7WMrA. Here's a short version without links to sources:

The first video on Andrew Kaufman's YouTube channel is an interview he did in November 2019 with the James True, and Kaufman said it was his debut interview. However the interview was focused on general health-related topics, and Kaumfan first presented his theory that viruses do not exist in March 2020 when he did interviews with the flat earthers Crrow777, Secrets of Saturn, Richie from Boston, and James True. James True said on Twitter that he was Kaufman's "lead writer". On Kaufman's YouTube channel, the first video where he presented his theory about viruses is a clip of his presentation which was originally livestreamed on James True's YouTube channel, and which also featured a discussion about Kaufman's presentation by a panel of six people who were all flat earthers. True's original livestream included links to 16 websites which were used as sources in the presentation, and it also included a link to a PowerPoint file of Kaufman's presentation which was hosted on True's website, but none of the links were included in the clip of the presentation posted on Kaufman's channel, so I think True may have written the PowerPoint slides, and he has hosted similar PowerPoint files for his own YouTube videos on his website. During the presentation, Kaufman said: "I want to especially thank James True who has been a great friend, confidant, and collaborator throughout this whole thing". In a tweet in April 2020 where James True asked for donations, he wrote: "My Dr. Kaufman vid has been seen over 200k times in 5 days. I am employing myself, one editor, and one producer and we could use a video editor for maximum effect." A few days later James True tweeted: "I have emptied my patreon account on editors, publishing, and pushing Dr Kaufman's video."

James True has made a bunch of tweets like this: "Satan is the fall of man. Lucifer is the rise. King James didn't want people to rise. The Golden Dawn is why we are all here. It is the goal of the Great Work." And he also tweeted: "Masons believe lying is good for the people. They seek to bring an age of enlightenment. They lie to bring Lucifer." He also advocated for lying in several other tweets, and for example he tweeted: "If no one lied, no one would discern. Lies open our discernment. Parents lie to their child to open their discernment." And his tweets are full of Masonic concepts like the Great Work or the Phoenix rising from the ashes, like for example: "Awareness is the understanding that we are all illuminating ourselves. Just like when we chose long ago to enslave ourselves. The Great Work is rapture. A baptism through psychology. Phoenix fire." In one tweet, True wrote that "all of these lies are a gift", but the tweet wasn't a reply to any other tweet or part of any thread, so when True said "all of these lies", I think he meant the lies that he has been telling to his followers. James True posted a video titled "Are you a traveling man?" where he basically implied that he was a Mason even though he didn't say it directly. So if he advocates for lying, he says that Masons believe that lying is good, and he's either a thinly veiled Mason or someone who larps as a thinly veiled Mason, then why should we believe that he is speaking the truth?

I think the second person after James True who interviewed Kaufman was the flat earther Crrow777. In episode 425 of his podcast, Crrow777 said that he has "talked to so many people that I was in the Marine Corps with that were Masons". James True has also tweeted that he is ex-military and that "me and my entire family are military". Crrow777's name might come from Aleister Crowley's Kabbalistic text titled "777" which discussed the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. James True has posted several tweets which used the phrase "Golden Dawn", and Kaufman did a livestream with James True and Benjamin Balderson about Hermetic principles. In a video that James True did about Freemasonry with Marty Leeds, they both defended Freemasonry and said that Masons are misunderstood, and they both had detailed knowledge about Masonry even though claimed to not be Freemasons. The username of Marty Leeds on various websites is martyleeds33. Marty Leeds and Benjamin Balderson were both speakers at the flat earth conference Flatoberfest 2022, which was held at the Greenville Shrine Club & Event Center in Greenville, SC. The website of the event center says that "Shriners are members of the Masonic Fraternity and adhere to the principles of Freemasonry". The Facebook page of Flatoberfest 2022 was registered by United For Good Information whose email address on Facebook is the address of Crrow777's wife.

James True tweeted that he first met Kaufman in the summer of 2019 on a retreat of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck in upstate New York. In 2020, True posted two videos from a retreat of the Omega Institute where he discussed alchemy and demonology together with Amandha Vollmer and Benjamin Balderson, who are both flat earthers and who both call themselves alchemists.

Amandha Vollmer started mirroring videos by Stefan Lanka on YouTube in January 2020. Vollmer did a presentation about Lanka's theory at EVENT 202 which was organized by the British flat earther Allegedly Dave. Kaufman was earlier announced as one of the speakers at EVENT 202 but his appearance was later canceled. Another speaker at EVENT 202 was the ex-military flat earther Shelley Lewis who made a flat earth film together with the ex-military flat earther Joshua Michael Gennari. And another speaker at EVENT 202 was the flat earther Mark Devlin, who was one of the five speakers in a screening of a movie by Crow777 and Jason Lindgren in NYC.

Kaufman's film "Hippocratic Hypocrisy" was produced and narrated by the flat earth channel Spacebusters. I think James True may also have written the script of the film, because the film featured an extensive discussion about the occult meaning of the Staff of Asclepius and the Caduceus of Hermes, which was also the main theme of one of James True's livestreams. Spacebusters later published another similar film which featured both Kaufman and Cowan. Spacebusters have now also made a deal to produce another feature-length film for Sam Bailey, and they have done English voiceovers for Stefan Lanka's videos. Steve Falconer who narrates most videos by Spacebusters sounds like a professional narrator, but a few videos by Spacebusters are narrated by a different person who has a British accent and who also sounds like a professional narrator, which makes Spacebusters seem like a very grassroots operation. In March 2020, Spacebusters posted a video where Aajonus Vonderplanitz talked about how viruses are solvents and how polio is not a viral disease. A clip of another similar presentation by Vonderplanitz was posted in March 2020 by the flat earther David Weiss. Weiss said that he was first turned into a flat earther by Sofia Smallstorm. Smallstorm began to promote the theory that the SARS 2 virus does not exist in an interview with the flat earther Jeranism in March 2020. Another early promoter of the theory was Max Igan, who in January 2020 said that he believes in flat earth, but a few days later he said that he was being targeted with mind control technology and he doesn't actually believe in flat earth. However in 2016, Max Igan also posted a video about his flight from Chile to Australia which was supposed to provide evidence for the flat earth theory because his compass was supposedly pointing in the wrong direction, and his video was then discussed by the flat earthers Jeranism and Globebusters.

Max Igan, Spacebusters, and David Weiss have all posted videos about mud floods and Tartaria. The first YouTuber who started making videos about mud floods was the Russian flat earther Philipp Druzhinin. In 2018, several flat earthers changed the main focus of their channel to Tartaria or mud floods or how history is fake, including Barnabas Nagy, captain kirk, Martin Liedtke, Richard Lopez, and UAP. About half of the most popular Tartaria YouTubers have also posted videos about flat earth and vice versa. My hypothesis is that in the same way that in 2018 flat earthers were deployed to popularize the fake conspicary theories about Tartaria and mud floods, later in early 2020 flat earthers were deployed to popularize the false theory that the SARS 2 virus does not exist.

Three years ago Sofia Smallstorm and Max Igan were among the first people who I heard promote the theory that the SARS 2 virus does not exist, but at the time I didn't know that both of them have said that they believe in flat earth. And in early 2020, I also saw some of Stefan Lanka's videos which were mirrored to YouTube by Amandha Vollmer, but I didn't know that she has also said that she believes in flat earth.

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PLEASE watch this interview . A Florida county (Republicans) is going forward and is holding pepretrators feet to the fire in order to make the clot shots illegal and anyone guilty of pushing them accountable. Pleae watch the interview!


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Let's agree that the science for viruses is suspect. However, there is an empirical portion that is hard to deny. Immunity, in particular, is vexatious to any analysis using Terrain Theory alone.

1) Measles: If you put a bunch of kids into a room with one person who has measles, the disease will spread -- WITH ITS DEFINING SYMPTOMS, and infected children will not be reinfected in the future.

2) Individual PCR Test - Obviously there are many problems with this test, and it probably counts many colds as COVID. It also seems to count dead "viruses" . However, the PCR test outcomes directly relate to these symptoms occuring in individuals even if the exact relationship can be tortuous. Outside of the vaccinated, who are dealing with an evil bioweapon, immunity seems to be produced.

3) Water PCR tests -- again these correlate with the onset of symptoms as they occur in the wild, however imperfectly https://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm

3) Immunity. Studies in South Korea indicate that "COVID" almost never recurs. People are having an immunity to something!

5) Seurm prevelance. John Ioannidis is one of the people who has most challenged the poor quality studies out there, epsecially double blind studies, which should be a gold standard. Yet he was able to find a measure of serotoxicity that relates to exposure, infection, and death https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/340124/PMC7947934.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

6) Hope - Simpson clearly finds s seasonal trend in outcomes of viruses (really illnesses since no one is tested for virus). Disease (and death) is heavily-related to absolute humidity levels and other seasonal/environmental factors such as temperature and exposure to the sun.

While there are other possible causes, such as 5G, they do not have the seasonability, variability, and immunity that corresponds to the above cases. They also do not explain transmissability. I don't quite understand the science, but 5G seems very related to many of these symptoms, but I have heard that Trump removed the most harmful features in 5G before it was implemented in the US.

So there is something out there that is measurable in symptoms, is variable by specific dimensions, and delivers immunity. It does not specifically have to be a virus. I have definitely been impressed by those who have pointed to the role of parasites, both as they relate to the success of Ivermectin and their seeming cause of cancer

The famous cholera study https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1854_Broad_Street_cholera_outbreak showed a direct relation of exposure to disease which was conclusively eliminated by changing the plumbing leak that led to this outbreak.

There are pathogens, but we may not understand them well, they DO produce similar symptoms in a similarly affected individuals (when measured by symptoms), and many of them seem to produce immunity for future similar infections. The actual "science" is probably all wrong, but the pattern of infection and immunity occuring in correlated waves, is something that cannot be explained by terrain theory at all, if ithis assumes that there are no pathogens.

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The following is Stefan Lanka's explanation for how the genetic sequencing of what are alleged to be viruses works: "Based on the sequence data generated in the first round of nucleic acid propagation, short pieces of nucleic acids are biochemically generated for the propagation of nucleic acids by PCR, so-called primers. These artificially generated primers themselves yield, depending on the protocol, approximately 4-20% of the sequence alignment of what is ultimately presented, after this second step of PCR propagation, as the sequence alignment of SARS-CoV-2. This second PCR propagation step for the subsequent mathematical, called bioinformatic formation of the sequence is called, among other things, deep meta-transcriptomic sequencing. The fact that an extremely unscientifically high number of cycles of PCR is applied here (35-45, so-called Ct value), in which artificial nucleic acid sequences are automatically generated that do not exist in reality, is further proof of the anti-scientific nature of virology, but plays no role in the argumentation presented here. It is evident from points 1. and 2. that no genetic strand of a virus was ever found. Instead, existing fragments of nucleic acids were first multiplied biochemically, by means of double PCR, strongly and with an extremely high error rate. The sequences of these millionfold artificially generated nucleic acids were determined, subsequently subdivided mathematically into even much shorter sequences, and these were arbitrarily combined with each other. From the multitude of these arbitrary combination products, special software programs are used to select those that match a nucleic acid once it has been specified. The resulting mathematical construct is output as the genetic strand of a virus." (http://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/the-end-of-corona-a-chance-for-everybody.pdf)

So basically what Lanka claims is that the raw reads that are produced by the sequencing hardware correspond to real genetic sequences which exist in physical reality, but he claims that the source of the sequences are contaminants and not viruses. And he claims that when the raw reads are assembled to form a whole-genome sequence, it ends up reproducing the alleged genome of SARS 2 because during the alignment step of the assembly process, the reference genome of SARS 2 is employed as a template against which the raw reads are aligned.

However you can look up the raw reads for a SARS 2 sequencing run yourself. For example go to the "Data availability" section at the end of this paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7409862/. Click on "SRR12109250" under "Data availability", click on "SRR12109250" again, click on "Reads", and copy the nucleotide sequence of the first raw read: "gttgtacttc gttcagttac gtattgctaa ggttaagact actctgcctt tgaacagcac cttcatcaga ttcagcttgc atggcattgt tagtagcctt atttaaggct cacctcagct tacctcctca tgtttaaggt aaacgatggc tgcattaacc actgttggtt ttaccttttt agcttcttcc acaatgtctg catttttaat gtatgcattg tcattagttt taataaccac cactaaaact attcacttta atgaat". Then paste the sequence to the "Enter Query Sequence" field in nucleotide BLAST: https://blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Blast.cgi?PROGRAM=blastn. Then when you click the "BLAST" button, you'll see that the best match for the sequence is a genome of SARS 2, with around 90.24% identity which is within the typical error rate for nanopore sequencing. So if the sequence of the raw read actually comes from a contaminant like cow blood like Lanka claims, then why is the genome of the contaminant not the top match for the raw read? The GenBank database is full of the genetic sequences of contaminants. And if the genome of SARS 2 is just made up like Lanka claims, then why can you find a 266-nucleotide sequence in nature which is 90% identical to a segment of the genome of SARS 2?

Lanka makes it seem like the process of assembling the raw reads involves some kind of black magic, but actually the assembly pipeline employs the same command line utilities that are used to assemble the genomes of humans and other organisms. One assembly pipeline that was designed for SARS 2 is called HaVoC, and it uses BWA or Bowtie to align the raw reads, Sambamba or Samtools to process SAM and BAM files, BEDtools to mask low coverage regions, Lofreq to do variant calling, and BCFtools or Samtools to perform consensus calling (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8285700/). The same programs like BWA and Samtools are also used to assemble human genomes (https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/CoreNGSTools/The+Basic+Alignment+Workflow).

You can also try to assemble the raw reads yourself. Go to the "Data availability" section at the end of this paper: https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7409862/. Click on "SRR12109250" under "Data availability", click on "SRR12109250" again, click on "FASTA/FASTQ Download". Then open this online utility for assembling the raw reads: https://ngdc.cncb.ac.cn/ncov/online/tool/variation?lang=en. Press the "Choose File" button next to "Upload Single-end Sequencing file", select the file you just downloaded, and press the "Run" button. Then after a few minutes you'll get the assembled genome, and it also shows you all of the bases where the assembled genome differs from the reference genome. The default reference genome used by the online utility is Wuhan-Hu-1, which is supposed to have been collected in December 2019. But yet the online utility detects that the raw reads you uploaded have the D614G mutation at position 23403, which only became common in March 2020 (https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7310631/).

So if the D614G mutation is not part of the Wuhan-Hu-1 reference genome, then where does the information about the mutation come from? Is the sequencing hardware rigged (so that the mutation is already present in the FASTQ file) or is the assembly software rigged (so that the mutation is not present in the FASTQ file)?

If the sequencing hardware is rigged, then does the hardware look up information from some online database so that for example it should begin to introduce the D614G mutation to the raw reads around March 2020, and then later it should keep introducing the D614G mutation less often in Asia but more often in Europe? Would different sequencers by different manufacturers all be rigged the same way, and would even old sequencers which were manufactured before COVID be rigged? Would the sequencers also have similarly rigged logic for thousands or millions of other species of viruses so that for each virus, the sequencer somehow knows how to introduce the mutations which are supposed to currently be common at the current part of the world? How would the sequencer even know that a raw read is supposed to represent a part of the genome of a virus? Often the raw reads have an accuracy of only around 80% or 90%, and the sequencer would need to loop through the genomes of thousands of viruses to see if any of them matches the raw read with a high enough accuracy so that new mutations should be introduced to that region of the virus. But often there's millions of raw reads per run, so it would take forever to check each of them against each species of virus.

Or alternatively, is the rigging done on the level of the command line programs that are used to do assemble the raw reads into a complete genome? Do the command line utilities look up information from some online database so that they know which mutations they should introduce to the virus depending on which mutations are supposed to be common at the current time in the current geographic area? You can see that's not the case if you look up the source code of the utilities (https://github.com/lh3/bwa, https://github.com/samtools). And the utilities don't even require an internet connection to run.

If you think that my method of doing a BLAST search for a raw read is not valid in the case of viruses, then you can also try my method with some other organism. For example when I searched the sequence read archive for "oxford nanopore wgs dog", I found a set of raw reads titled "WGS of Canis lupus familiaris: male yellow Labrador retriever" (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sra/SRX8367779%5baccn%5d). The set of raw reads was sequenced using the GridION sequencer by Oxford Nanopore Technologies which is also commonly used to sequence genomes of SARS 2. Then I clicked on "SRR11816795", I clicked on "Reads", I copied the sequence of the first read, I googled for "nucleotide BLAST" and opened the first result, I pasted the sequence into the big text field at the top, and I pressed the "BLAST" button. Then the best match for the BLAST search ended up being a sequence titled "Canis lupus familiaris breed Labrador retriever chromosome 37a". So if the raw reads produced by the GridION sequencer are valid in the case of Labrador retrievers, then why are they not valid in the case of SARS 2?

On NextStrain, you can see how different mutations have been introduced to the genome of SARS 2 over time, and how different mutations are common in different parts of the world (https://nextstrain.org/ncov). However the mutations are not part of the Wuhan-Hu-1 reference genome which is typically used to align the raw reads, so where does the information about the mutations come from?

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Presentation needs work. Shorten. Sharpen.

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