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BREAKING: GenSeven's Geoengineering Legal Team Announces Pursuit of Injunction Against Make Sunsets, Inc

Mexico-banned Make Sunsets, Inc., under fire in US, Biden destroys America's environmental protection act (NEPA), GenSeven's SaveOurSkies adjusts accordingly, lawsuit narrowing in.


Almost three months in, and our Stop US Geoengineering Legal Team is finally narrowing in on our first defendant, Make Sunsets, IncorporatedMake Sunsets made international headlines recently when it was banned in Mexico after conducting solar geoengineering experiments by releasing two weather balloons full of sulfur dioxide and other “proprietary compounds” without the government’s knowledge or consent.

As reported in a Maria Zeee interview with our geoengineering consultant Nikki Florio and me, this is a 200-year-long planned project per Make Sunsets’ NF 17-4 application required by the Weather Modification Reporting Act of 1972. This type of extended program is unheard of.

(I apologize. I stated in my video status update, above, that the two founders are from Silicon Valley, it’s San Francisco, but their experience in geoengineering, environmental studies, meteorology is zilch.)

Make Sunsets states on its website below that they have no idea about possible unintended consequences…..

You can find excellent recent articles on Make Sunsets and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SIA), by reporter Leah Garden, here and here.

"[Make Sunsets] didn't even have a way to measure feedback or actually understand how to gather any sorts of data. It's not experimentation; it's provocation." In response to Make Sunsets' stunt, the Mexican government drafted new laws prohibiting solar geoengineering.


It’s all about selling carbon credits to offset “manmade climate change.” In other words, it’s all about the money.

However, Make Sunsets recently claimed they are not offsetting carbon emissions, but now simply blocking the sun. No matter what they say, we are pursuing Make Sunsets because it was permitted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to undertake a 200-year-long experiment without any Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Yes, 200 years. That’s not a typo.

A successful court case against Make Sunsets will create a domino effect on all geoengineering programs throughout the U.S… and beyond. 

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According to Make Sunsets website, they have already released 22 weather balloons (full of sulfur dioxide and, per their permit application, “other proprietary compounds”) over the U.S. without American citizens’ knowledge or consent.


Our lead attorney Deana Pollard Sacks 25 years as a legal and law professor and attorney are paying off. Her depth of understanding of the law allows her to pull from a deep knowledge of tort and constitutional law, which serves us very well, and her organization, Lord Advocates, is now a plaintiff alongside GenSeven.

I’m delighted by what is transpiring legally and have shared with you what I can in the above video status update. 

While we have several different ways to come at this legal case, we have a new, but not insurmountable, challenge to deal with; On June 3rd, President Joe Biden signed a bill that raises the debt limit in exchange for concessions on federal spending. The deal also seeks to reform permitting for energy projects by introducing changes to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)….

Yes, within the new bill were some serious changes to NEPA. But it goes beyond that….

Because of the recent NEPA developments, we are bringing on an additional attorney/professor, Fred Galves, for this particular leg of the legal process to see how it could specifically affect our lawsuit. You can find his experience and the other team attorneys, here, at

By deep diving into the NEPA changes, we will be better prepared to navigate these legal waters. Attorney Galves has had extensive working experience with attorney Sacks and has drawn up a legal research proposal for this short phase:

Our legal team and I are not alone in our concerns. There are millions of citizens around the world who are equally concerned, and there is even a Call for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering:

We aren’t doing this alone. We can’t do this alone. This legal challenge is our best chance to reclaim our skies and ensure a healthy planet. This is why we are calling upon all concerned citizens. Please sign the Open Letter. Please check out our website and donate today.


Lastly, now that we have gained some legal footing, we are ready to embark on the next stage; the Save Our Skies On the Ground Crews! Stay tuned and SPREAD THE WORD! Things are heating up!

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