BREAKING NEWS: AZ Judge Rules, Dr. Simone Gold is Not AFLDS President or Chair

AZ judge sets the record straight, Gold AFLDS hired consultant..... court findings, below.

Jan 30, 2023

This morning, I spoke with AFLDS’ Oversight Committee Chair, Kevin Jenkins. He told me it took the AZ judge no time to clearly determine Dr. Simone Gold is not an America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) board member, chair, or president and that, as I had mentioned numerous times in former posts, Dr. Simone Gold did formally resign early last February.

I will interview AFLDS Oversight Committee Chair Kevin Jenkins tomorrow evening, Tuesday, and will immediately post that interview.

Gold filed the Arizona case on the heels of a November case filed by the AFLDS board in Florida. Since then, Gold has been seeking financial control of AFLDS, claiming that her February 2022 departure from the AFLDS Board was ineffective.

Rather than file a case of their own, Chair Gilbert and the AFLDS board decided to focus on the evidentiary hearing where everything would surface. This paid off for the most part, though the AZ judge did determine mismanagement on the part of Gilbert and AFLDS board members.

However, the AZ judge has clearly ruled that Joey Gilbert is the sitting president of AFLDS.

Dr. Simone Gold’s Floridian house of cards is falling. The disinformation she has been spreading around the nation for months has been put to rest.

One such piece of misinformation that Gold spun was on a recent episode of Blood Money with Vem Miller, above, that I had been “served a cease and desist” for my substack posts regarding Gold and AFLDS.


Well, that’s news to me.

I have never received any cease or desist.

And while I know there is a ”call for unity” within the medical freedom movement, as seen in Mikki Willis’ recent video, we cannot ignore those who are using donor’s monies for their own personal gain, or leaving those in desperate situations astray as documented by former AFLDS staff members.

Americans were crying out for help. Many concerned family members with their loved ones on their deathbeds reached out to AFLDS Telehealth, purchased medicines with the little money they had, and were ghosted. This goes beyond donations. This was an egregious failure on the part of Gold’s leadership, and people suffered for it. Some may have died.

Any “medical freedom” advocate that continues to lobby on behalf of Gold must have their intentions and integrity questioned at this point. While Gold’s original intentions may have been good, she became lost and a willing player in a game of deceit somewhere along the line.

We are responsible for calling out the infiltrators, or at the very least, those who are abusing their power, and those protecting the powerful without question are doing us no favors.

If any questions remain, here is the Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County’s Honorable Timothy Johnson’s 1/27/2023 Factual Findings:

Gold founded AFLDS, a non-profit company, in 2020. AFLDS advocates for various medical and healthcare issues and supports medical freedom and civil liberties. Gold has been the moving force behind the company and the face of the company.

AFLDS relies on donations. Most of the funds have been raised by Gold’s efforts.

Gold was on the Board since the company’s inception. She was also the President.

Gilbert became a Director in March of 2021. Mack and Matthesius were added to the Board in December of 2021. Landau was on the Board from September of 2020 until February of 2022.

Gold was charged with trespassing in connection with the January 6, 2021 debacle. She spent 48 days in prison. Gold has been a controversial figure because of some positions taken by AFLDS and because of January 6.

Gold was concerned that AFLDS funds could be seized by the government due to her legal problems. She discussed this with Gilbert. Gold agreed to have $1.1M moved to Gilbert’s law firm trust account. When Gold later asked for them to be returned, Gilbert refused. The funds, however, remain AFLDS assets. The money has been moved to the Wagenmaker and Oberly trust account. Some company expenses have been paid out of the fund.

Gold purchased the home in Naples, Florida through an AFLDS subsidiary in January of 2022. Gold regularly resides there. The purchase price was $3.6M. AFLDS funds are used to pay for household expenses, including a housekeeper. Gold has also used company money for security purposes.

Proper corporate formalities were not used in connection with the Naples home. Formal Board approval of the purchase never occurred. At the same time, the purchase was not a secret. Gilbert was clearly aware of the purchase and agreed with it.

AFLDS has, through Gold, purchased three expensive vehicles for Gold’s use. Gold contends that she uses the vehicles for company purposes.

In 2021, Gold began to consider stepping down from the Board and devoting time to her for profit company, GoldCare. At the February 2022 Board meeting, Gold resigned and the Board approved her resignation. There were no conditions to her resignation. The narrative that Gold has provided about her resignation is false.

Gold claims that attorney George Wentz negotiated a deal that Gold would resign on the conditions that she be paid $1.5M in cash to invest in GoldCare and that she receive a $50,000 per month Consulting Agreement. Gold’s claim is not true. No testimony has been provided by Mr. Wentz. It is simply inconceivable that an attorney would negotiate such a deal and never document it in any way.

There was discussion about Gold staying on as a consultant. AFLDS wanted Gold to stay on and continue to be involved in fundraising and continue as the “face” of the company. In fact, the company paid her $50,000 per month. No Consulting Agreement, however, was ever finalized and signed.

The notion that a non-profit company could take donated funds and pay them to a principal of the company to invest in a for profit business is simply absurd. Gold is a very intelligent physician and lawyer. She had to know that such an arrangement was completely improper and likely illegal. In any event, there is simply no evidence that AFLDS agreed to pay her $1.5M. Such a payment was clearly not a condition to her resignation.

The Board minutes clearly show that Gold resigned from the Board unconditionally. In fact, Gold directed how the minutes were to be drafted.

Gold has frequently acknowledged that she is not on the Board and that Gilbert is the Chairperson. Her testimony that she made these statements because she thought “we were there” is not credible.

Gilbert was voted in as Chairman of the Board in the February meeting. Landau was voted in as Executive Director. Andrzejewski was later named Executive Director. Mack was appointed by the Board to be President in October of 2022 at pay of $20,000 per month.

Since her resignation, Gold has been heavily involved with the company. She had to step back during her incarceration. After she was released, however, Gold again began to be actively involved. Gold’s specific status with the company is not clear. It appears as if her only authorized position has been as a consultant. She was paid $50,000 per month as a consultant, at least for a period of time.

Gilbert and the rest of the Board clearly wanted Gold to continue to be involved with the company after her resignation. Her fundraising and managerial skills are important to AFLDS. Gold has continued to work on behalf of AFLDS. Gold has a substantial following in the company, with many employees reporting to Gold and taking direction from her.

The manner in which Gilbert received his temporary pay increase from $15,000 to $25,000 was handled improperly. Apparently, only Matthesius approved the ultimate increase from $15,000 to $25,000. After the temporary increase to $25,000, Gilbert reduced his compensation to $20,000 per month. Gilbert’s unauthorized pay increase smacks of self-dealing. There is, however, no evidence of widespread theft by Gilbert or other Board members.

Gold sent a demand letter to AFLDS, with serious accusations of theft, in October of 2022. AFLDS had the accusation investigated by a law firm. No wrongdoing was found.

Gold used AFLDS property and personnel to benefit GoldCare. She has acknowledged that GoldCare owes AFLDS over $100,000. GoldCare has not paid the money it owes to AFLDS.

And there you have it….


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