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Civil War & Shadow Crossings: The UN's Role in the US Invasion Currently Underway

Civil War & Shadow Crossings: The UN's Role in the US Invasion Currently Underway

The global migration masterplan revealed, the UN is at it once again, America's hometowns are at risk as Americans head south to shore up the US border, and the US enters into civil war.

Several days ago, I was sent the video below, “United States Invasion Route Exposed,” and only now have I had a chance to watch it— and it is a must-watch. I can’t stress this enough. Share it with everyone you know, particularly those who think what we are seeing at our southern border is a “humanitarian crisis” of immigrants who simply want a better life.

In a staggering revelation, investigative journalists uncovered the hidden players, support, organization, and funding to assist mass migration into the United States' southern border. In 2023, the US experienced an influx of nearly a quarter million migrants monthly, following a highly organized and funded trail from Quito, Ecuador, directly to the U.S. Two young and what I consider very brave Muckraker (founder) and journalist, Anthony Rubin and his brother, embarked on a perilous journey to expose trail of invasion throughout South America, Central America and Mexico, to the US, uncovering alarming facts about this orchestrated migration.

The journey revealed a meticulously planned route aided by various organizations, including government and non-government bodies. Not surprisingly, this includes the United Nations, which provided maps and guidance to facilitate this migration. This assistance extended to bizarre aids, like instructions on condom usage, underlining a deeper, unnerving objective.

Materials provided to incoming migrants by the UN and NGOs to assist in their trek to enter the US illegally and en masse

One alarming aspect was the discovery of staging points for Chinese nationals, particularly military-aged males. These well-funded migrants contrast starkly with the impoverished Venezuelans trekking on foot. The presence of Chinese nationals, some admitting to espionage intentions, adds a complex geopolitical dimension to this crisis.


The path takes these migrants through the Darien Gap, a treacherous stretch known for its lawlessness, where robbery, rape, and murder are rampant. Despite this, the United Nations' indirect support continues, funneling countless individuals into the clutches of organized crime, turning a humanitarian issue into a lucrative business for criminals.

Many never make it out of these routes alive.

The journey through the Darien Gap, fraught with danger and human misery, epitomizes the dire circumstances these migrants face. It's a harrowing testament to the extreme risks undertaken, often resulting in tragic outcomes. This perilous trek, however, is just a fraction of their arduous journey to the United States.

Upon reaching Mexico, the migrants encounter further orchestration. The involvement of cartels and organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which has anti-American sentiments, highlights a concerning collusion. This network facilitates the migrants' journey, including crossing Mexico and boarding the notorious "Train of Death."

These migrants have no idea they are being used as UN fodder, and their well-being and lives are meaningless to the UN, NGOs, and cartels along the way.

This investigation reveals a multifaceted crisis, combining humanitarian tragedy, geopolitical threats, and undermining U.S. sovereignty. With schools turning into shelters for illegal aliens and cities granting suffrage to non-citizens, the fabric of American society is at risk. The U.N.'s Replacement Migration is clearly underway in Europe, and now throughout the U.S. This deliberate effort to reshape demographic structures threatens the very essence of the American Republic.


The UN seems to have its hands in all things concerning destroying nations from the inside out.

Just today, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) terminated the contracts of several employees after Israel presented evidence that they participated in the October 7 terrorist attacks. The State Department has temporarily paused additional funding to UNRWA while an investigation is underway. This follows historical scrutiny of UNRWA for alleged anti-Israel and anti-Jewish biases in its educational materials. The incident heightens concerns about the role of international organizations in conflicts and their impact on diplomatic relations. For more detailed information, you can read the full article here.



The upcoming convoy, "Take Our Border Back," is in response to growing concerns and frustration over immigration policies (or lack thereof) and border security. Organized by a coalition of groups advocating for stricter immigration controls and enhanced border security measures from January 29th - February 3rd, the convoy aims to draw attention to the massive and deliberate failures in the current government's approach to managing border crossings and immigration. Participants, including truckers, law enforcement, veterans, activists, concerned citizens, and members of various communities, are planning to travel across several states, culminating in a major rally at a significant border location.


A few days ago, the United States Supreme Court made a ridiculous ruling regarding Texas' border barriers. The Court ordered Texas to allow federal border agents access to the state’s border with Mexico, specifically addressing the miles of concertina wire (also known as razor wire) that Texas officials had deployed.

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision vacated a previous injunction from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had prevented Border Patrol agents from cutting the concertina wire. The situation, escalating at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, has become a standoff point between Texas and the federal government over immigration enforcement. Texas Governor Greg Abbott had increased border enforcement in this area by surrounding it with razor wire and limiting access. The Biden Administration, on the other hand, emphasized the necessity of leaving the border wide open to increase the invasion of military-aged men from around the world, including China.


What historic times we live in…. and how amazing it is that MSM (mainstream news) is not covering the escalating events much, considering the significance.

In response to the SCOTUS decisions, in a significant move, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced a collaboration with 25 other states to deploy their respective National Guard units to the Texas-Mexico border.

The multi-state initiative involves a large deployment of National Guard troops, aiming to enhance border security and manage the surge in migrant crossings. Governor Abbott, emphasizing the need for robust border control, has framed this action as essential for maintaining state and national security. The collaboration represents a concerted effort by these states to support Texas in addressing the challenges posed by the increased number of migrants.


However, what we are lacking is a serious discussion over the current number of migrants relocated into cities and towns across America. Evidence is building that they are being supplied, trained, and possibly armed for a later date.

While those who are able-bodied are heading rightfully to protect the southern border, and service men and women have been called to the Middle East, they are leaving their hometowns and cities vulnerable. Americans across the country need to step up their game and look for unusual activity in their area.

As citizens, we must remain vigilant in our communities, recognizing and reporting unusual activities. We must be alert to unusual movements of people and vehicles, including trains and planes. The safety and integrity of our nation depend on our collective awareness and response to these covert threats.

The evidence is clear: the United States faces an undeclared war, a covert invasion orchestrated by global and criminal networks. It's not just an immigration issue; it's a matter of national security, sovereignty, and the survival of the American Republic as we know it. As Americans, we must stand united in defending our nation, values, and future against this unprecedented threat.


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