Elana Freeland, Investigative Researcher & Author, Lays Out the Road Map for (an attempted) Global Dominance

Weaponized environment, synthetic biology, transhumanism, militarized fires, the current assault on human blood…. and the real agenda behind Starlink & Space Fence.

Investigative researcher, teacher, lecturer, ghostwriter, and prolific author Elana Freeland uncovers the world of the CIA, the US military, and hidden agendas few can decipher and clearly illustrate for the masses.

Freeland is best known for her seminal work uncovering geoengineering, HAARP, 5G, and the attempt to control and dominate the entire planet, which has been chronicled in her trilogy: Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, Under An Ionized Sky, From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown; and now, Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology.


Elana Freeland is a ghostwriter and author of nonfiction books that grapple with National Security State issues. She came of political age during the COINTELPRO decade of Vietnam, street riots, political assassinations, and all-night rap sessions about the Establishment's downfall. Her US Navy Intelligence father was enmeshed with the military-industrial complex she writes about. Like the characters in the book, readers will learn how every major event and personality in the United States’ political establishment over the past 50 years is tied in one way or another to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas. She has a BA in creative writing and wrote her Master's thesis on historiography.

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For more information on weaponized/militarized fires, check out Jamie Lee’s Paradise Lost #51, as suggested by Elana Freeland:


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