and after you finish this amazing interview- try this new elucidation by elana freeland https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/transhumanistic-warfaretruth-science?r=183a78#play

and this new 2 day symposium--amandha vollmer is particularly articulate---https://streamyard.com/watch/cM67VJcVSP36 --take notes- well done— very articulate and thorough discussion of the problems - what she sees in her practice and what she prescribes healthwise- always helpful-- thanks reinette for keeping your eye on the sky - how many balls can we keep in the air at once??

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Thank you for all this valuable information and your infectious energy! We are in Ohio and have had it with the chemtrails!!!!

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

This couldn’t have come at a better time after I have been requesting documents regarding the smart meter on my home that MY UTILITY says cannot be changed out with an analog meter however they can contract to stub it in my yard at a $3300 cost to me. Love that number too! :).

I was told by the utility engineer after I requested that she email me the information instead of leaving me a voice mail she stated “I was fearmongering”. I was astonished, I’m still shocked by her comment. All I had said was, do you know what these meters do to us inside of our homes? I’m just asking for information sake as I’ve heard that they’re considerably harmful to us. So now I’m a fearmongerer. WOW

Thank you both for such valuable information.

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Appreciate you both so much!! I’ve been photographing these atrocities day & night for about a year. I will frequently hear planes at night that are not visible on flightradar24 anymore & It’s infuriating to me. I’m located in SoCalif & Will be sending in a rain sample to the lab you mentioned asap.

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

My two favorite Weather Warrior Women! Looking forward to listening to this!

I'm already smilling because I just found out that Jacob 'Mr Burns' Rothschild is dead!

I know, I know, his indoctrinated, trauma based mind controlled spawn are ready and groomed to replace him. But tonight, the world is a little less evil. And I'm taking that as a good thing.

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Reinette and Kat, can this same procedure can be followed for other issues, correct? Right now the Klamath River basin is in crisis because of a 'pull-the-plug' strategy to remove four dams, and now the river is thick and brown with toxic sediment sludge, high in heavy metals (particularly chromium) from the reservoirs...which promises to continue for a long, long time, and which also creates a hazard as an inhalant when exposed sediment dries out. Thank you!

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Great info, thank you.

Strength in numbers Dane Wiggington has been a lone whistleblower for too long. This is a food source destroying UN Agenda 21/2030/2050

goal. The NWO elites know who controls food & water controls the people. Depopulation by famine is the goal.

HAARP, DARPA, NASA, Office of Navy Research, CIA, DoD, geoengineered,

weather modifications, & chemtrails are 5th generation warfare.

The central banksters want the land, water & all natural resources $$$$ trillions of rare elements & minerals needed for new technology, not the people.

Post WWII experiments honed 50's forward.


Placer County

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This is the best, most informative interview I have seen on the topic, THANK YOU!! You are both brave warriors and I love you, keep up the good work!

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Thank you Reinette (even before I actually watched the video yet)

More and more people are catching on real quick and are really pissed - unlike with some other urgent issues - I am fed up having misty mornings or entire days , or literally rivers of moisture stolen from the district and follow it on the radar to see Melbourne floode in the morning and Sydney in the evening and I am left to feel like the roast of the day - the Greens,GreenPeace and all the others , where are you you bastards ?

Is there a decent honest lab in Australia that will do rain-water tests , possibly soil sample tests as well? I know there is quite a strong discussion happening on fakebook in regards to Australia , but I will not ever do fakebook - can you point me towards any contacts where I could contribute pics and observations here ?

May we be able to fix this mess

My sincere regards to you and Amanda Vollmer if/when you get to speak to her - hard yakka

take care - Michael

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The trees in Bath Maine are crumbling. When they fall over, the visible root mass is rotted. Branches of trees falling off under their own weight with light wind. The metals sprayed from planes land on the soil and block nutrient uptake for trees and plants (crops). The trees and plants then pull in the metals to try and use them. This makes the wood structurally weaker and far more flammable.

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In the USA Military Flights (and flights associated with military operations) that are spraying are not shown on Flight Radar. Military is the only entity that is allowed to fly in "stealth mode". This is why you can see 5 planes in the sky, spraying away, and 0 on radar. There is a lot of video footage of this almost causing air accidents. Flight Radar, on their info page, *claims* the planes we are seeing doing laps and circles are mapping, photography / videography and such.

Cloud seeding flights are relatively quick, and, if successful, rain (or snow, or fog, or hail) will occur within 20-30 minutes of the toxic chemical release, so the planes flying these circles and laps are likely not cloud seeding (but who knows, maybe they are?)

Cloud seeding is hugely toxic!: https://chemtrails.substack.com/p/chemtrails-chapter-7-toxic-af-cloud The same company with a military contract to make munitions also made cloud seeding flares because it's the same contents!

CHAFF: They can use it to cause power outages! Gov hearing:


As far as collecting samples, if you want it for legal evidence, be sure to buy "STERILE containers" because *they* will try to claim our containers leached contaminants into the sample. Example of sterile container that they cannot argue with: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BKPVSLD2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Ship Tracks: Here's a 2008 document in which they say they want to use "sea-based “dispersal mechanisms” that make clouds" to block the sun.



UK Parliament, using jet fuel to block the sun: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1674872684302446592

1965 FOIA, gov delivering man-made materials into atmosphere: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1691113700306931712

2015 FOIA: CIA refuses to respond to geoengineering https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1703796017508892794

1980s History Channel Clip - GeoEngineering Cali to cause drought https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1723012640765538634

I have a FOIA for jet fuel contents that was denied but I can't upload the video here


Here in Michigan, starting in summer 2023, they have greatly reduced the spraying and exceptionally cranked up HAARP. An associate of mine discovered that 5G towers carry the same frequencies as HAARP, therefore we all have a HAARP in our back yard (YIPPIE!). What I noticed last summer is they are using frequency to move clouds to block the sun. I have so much video footage showing the clouds following the sun, for an entire day. I am publishing a Substack post with some of the footage on March 14th. I suspect they have switched their method because there seems to be a large awakening here, with a lot of people asking questions.

Because it is now so dark in my state, my full-sun garden plants began dying last June. I had to purchase a grow light for my WINDOW SILL PLANTS (how insane is that?). If you look at your cities historic weather, you can see how many days of full sun you had, dating back to the early 2000's (a few years after the soft launch of the chemtrail program). Detroit, MI used to get 15 days of full-sun per 60. That dropped to 12, then 9, then 4, then 2. TWO DAYS OF FULL SUN PER 60! TWELVE DAYS OF FULL SUN PER YEAR! Fast forward to 2024, it is March 5th. Our first day of full sun was yesterday, in which they cranked up the ionospheric heaters, driving our temp up to 74 degrees, which is unheard of for Michigan march. They did this exact same thing last year in April. They jacked the temp up to 80, held it steady for a week, woke up all the bees, then plummeted it down to 20 degrees, and held it there for 9 days. Bees cannot fly under 50 degrees. Bees die within 48 hours without food. It executed all 12 of my bee colonies.

Thank you for all you do Reinette. You are truly an amazing person!

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What amazes me is how dumb these pilots flying these planes are. Don't they realize they are spraying this garbage on their homes, their families and friends? What are they breathing when they get back down to earth?

Don't tell me it's your job and you will starve if you don't do it. You have to be pretty low to be recklessly poisoning the earth and don't tell me that you don't know what you are releasing into the atmosphere. The same for these companies doing the spraying. The execs are dumber than donuts if they think this doesn't affect them.

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So grateful for everyone who cares enough to fight back. May I humbly suggest partnering with Elana Freeland, or at least exploring her books and interviews? She is probably the world expert on the topic. It might save time and money re inventing the wheel when she has already done so much leg work. Also, so relieved to hear there are others out there who see through the “climate change” BS. Thank you !

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Thank You for your significant contribution to today's newsletter. I was reviewing this newsletter to get people to write about it and get people to watch it as the finish to today's newsletter


And while did this, I started getting followers from recommendations fby way of Foghorn Express. Crazy synchronicity. Thank You.

This developing toolkit you are creating for taking back our neighborhoods and human rights authority is so important. I hope you can transcribe the essential process points of interaction with public officials and layers of questions that can be built from systematic, patient inquiries, outlined by Kathryn, into a DIY guide, we can work from and share. Big geo is a vulnerable target just like big pharma is proving to be with experimental drugs. We have victory in our sights, on an increasing number of issues.

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The only way we win is if we can wake more people up so we have a critical mass to demand and affect change. I highly recommend that people purchase flyers, cards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc to educate the people in your own town. Blanket your locale with this infomation! These items can be found at https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-t-shirts-cards-and-bumper-stickers/. The more people who do this, the faster we can stop geoengineering!

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Thank you, Reinette and Kat!!! This is so helpful. You are both amazing. XOXO

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