Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the only organization that I see focusing solely on this issue. Kudos to you.

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Thank you, again, Reinette, for being the honest and kind-hearted Solutionist that you are! You give me hope that this madness could actually end and our beautiful planet Earth could find balance once again. 💚

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FedEx Plane almost crashes 3x into Off-Radar Military Crafts spraying Chemtrails: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663203291763703809

Pilot testifies to seeing chemicals being loaded onto spray planes at AF base https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1662160060984721435

1998: Citizens vs Chemtrails: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661513909860450304

1975 gov document: 10-20 year plan to spray https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661498810353451008

Dept of Energy Document for Chem program: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661149869539753984

Germany chemtrail plane manufacturer testimony: https://twitter.com/No__Plandemia/status/1660704257136361475

Former UN Rep whistleblower: Chemtrails & HAARP https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661880324434059264

The Time NASAs Lithium got into Lake Michigan https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661794005548675072

"Its not normal air traffic" https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661764310400483329

Chemtrails: Bio War Weapons https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1661540837287927813

New, 2022 book: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1662924476860837892

Aerospace Consultant with Top Secret Clearance testifies to #chemtrails ✈️ "The White Haze is Aluminum!" https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1662885195698036745

1970 gov document, who is geoengineering: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1662844427520585728

Testimony; melting greenlands ice was a USA military operation: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1600547187120914459

2010 Airlines involved in spraying: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1657508517387837442

Pre-2015 Weather Report, Military dropping Chaff: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663319558143332352

Current Now Hiring Pilots post: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663304710277963776

Weatherman Whistleblower https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663259411924566025

CSPAN testimony Part 1: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1662969501158199296

Part 2: https://twitter.com/Pebbles27372343/status/1663636041612271618

Evidence 2017: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663682197612822530

Photos of nozzles: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663621799689560068

Chemical specialist reviews the US Air Forces 1990 Manual "Chemtrails" https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663606448398663680

Clip from Chemtrails presentation: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1663563415141642243

Ireland attempt to coverup (news broadcast): https://twitter.com/cotupacs/status/1663317313884389377

Not evidence, but spot on: https://twitter.com/Agent131711/status/1659992374049742849

My entire Twitter account is dedicated to exposing this. Out of 7,000+ tweets, at least 6,000 are evidence with new added daily https://twitter.com/Agent131711 Also, my friend is an insect expert for the state of MI. She can confirm the shocking decline however she told me "geoengineering is a hoax", so there's that.


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I was with the Yellow Vest movement. Macron et al kept trying to take one outspoken person and turn him or her into a leader. They tried to make it a one-issue movement. They couldn't. So they pummeled us with Black Block infiltrators (think Antifa), flash balls and false reporting. What stings is when your fellow citizen sniggers.

Mother's Day is this weekend in France. I will be asking my kids (and husband) for a subscription to the Foghorn Express. The hand mixer can wait. ;)

Bless you, Reinette.

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I get the importance of not having one leader. (Though Reinette of course you would and do get my vote as the one). But I have lived long enough to realize that any movement must have a way of dealing with the potential need to look to many and not just one charasmatic leader just in case (and I don't want to explain myself so I don't have to lay out a horrible scenario). A movement needs to have the wherewithal to carry on no matter what happens. But I am also going to say we need our historians and our documentarians who will mark the place in history where our stories are forever told and are recorded forever.

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Went to my local Good Earth Grocery store, a supposed “health” food store. It is still very important to read labels and it’s shocking what I’m finding. I was buying some chicken thighs at the butcher counter and noticed the label said “SMART” chicken and I aske the butcher what “SMART” means. He didn’t know😳. So I cancelled my order. I chose a different chicken. Later I googled SMART chicken patent and the link above is what I got.

Also, I was looking for potato chips but only found 2 brands but each had a warning label stating the ingredient could cause cancer😳😳

This is in a “health” food store.

Same store, I bought an organic apple. I tried to soak, wash and finally scrape the wax off but it was nearly impossible. Ot wasn’t labeled “Apeel” so I called Good Earth to ask them where the apples are from. It took them a while to return my call and they said it took the producer in Washington to call back but the denied putting any wax on their apples. Um, it was nearly impossible to scrape it off but there was wax on the apple!

Lastly, 6 weeks ago I bought red leaf lettuce from the same store. I washed it and put it in a bag for easy use. It lasted 6 weeks!! It looked as good as it did the first day. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal for organic lettuce.

Not sure how to eat healthy if the healthiest store is just as corrupted 🤷‍♀️

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Smart strategy! It also makes people more proactive and to take on some responsibility instead of passively waiting for a savior to fix all their problems.

I would like to offer this with regards to the bee swarm strategy... it's time to turn up the heat!


The 1% know they cannot defeat us if we are united and willing to stand against them. So they will always try to keep us divided, distracted and obsessing over red herrings that don't really matter. They have to reveal things to us, but they usually do it in cryptic ways that most people will miss. They do a lot of reveals (and pre-programming), I am coming to find, through entertainment. All the superhero movies show us what we have to do to defeat the big powerful enemy. We have to stand and fight, even if the passive public turns against us at some point. The enemy is bigger and more powerful than we are (that's the illusion anyway), and they show us that the only way to win is to put our differences aside and unite in the fight against our common enemy. They also show us that it only takes a relatively small number of us to defeat the enemy, we don't have to get everyone on board (that would be impossible anyway). That takes away the inherently defeatist argument that we have to get everyone on board and thinking like us in order to change things.

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Hi Reinette, I wanted to let you know, right after you lauched this endeavor..The chem-trail activity nearly ceased here on the Central Coast of California..Namely San Luis Obispo County. As in your county we get blasted, at times I dont even want to go outside or open a window..Its been so nice having some fresh air to breathe lately.. I watch this activity very closely, as I am outside a lot. Usually in the Summer it slows down and sometimes stops..Maybe there is not emough weather to push around and modify, or possibly the Pilots are off for the Summer. This year it seemed eariler then last year. I though it was interesting timing as it was right on the heels of you launching the lawsuit.. I am so grateful for all your efforts. May God protect and Bless you all ways XOX

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Reinette have you reached out to Del Bigtree from ICAN and The Highwire? He had Dane Wigington on his show recently and I believe Del had his mind opened to what he previously thought was a conspiracy theory about geo-engineering . He has a massive audience and reaching new viewers all the time. We’ve had heavy “cloud” cover, gloom and chilly weather here on the central coast for days on end this spring. I had an energetic collapse 2 days ago for no apparent reason other than, I suspect, the chemical fog that seems to be enveloping us here. I’m so ready for this to be exposed and excited to see what real weather looks like again! 🙏❤️

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I could not agree with you more about the divisive attacks!

I am so disappointed and angry at all the divisiveness recently surrounding sexuality.

Let's keep our personal opinions about peoples sexuality, religion, culture, to ourselves and keep the focus on the issues.

Singleness of purpose.

Thank you.

Please send a PO Box address to send donations. THanks!

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Hi Reinette

How can I contribute by mail please? Would rather send a check than go online.


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Occupy Wall Street is still valid and much can be learned from it. This global nightmare boils down to a continuation of that class war, and perhaps the solution is for the 99% to finally start to fight back? In simple ways that do not play into enemy divide and conquer, ways that ALL of the 99% can understand? Perhaps it boils down to one simple phrase? "Your life, and the lives of almost everybody on the planet, can not be improved at the expense of others in the 99%. Your life, and the lives of the 99%, can only be improved at the expense of the 1% [(d)elites].". I find this works with almost everybody, but, for some reason, it is more effective person to person than online.


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On your books substack, i strongly recommend Clouds of Secrecy by Leonard Cole. It was written in the late 80s or early 90s and details the governments covert spraying operations. It' reads like a movie, but it's real. It's so good I've given it as gifts. You'll binge read it in a couple days.

Used copies are super cheap on ebay or ThriftBooks.

(If you already know this, my apologies:) Thrift books has an affiliate program. It would be great for you to promote on your books substack. Not only will you earn commission but Thift books gives away free books (of the buyers choice). It's my all time fav book company. Their used selection is outstanding. Super fast shipping. Here's more info about the affiliate program


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Reinette, thank you so much for all you do and for your fight here!!!! You are amazing. The more I study and keep revealing, the more I realize that the fight is so dire...as what they're spraying on us is beyond scary. Check out the new Final Days documentary -- does a great job summarizing the tech they're undoubtedly putting in our skies.


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I really appreciate you taking this on. We in Mt. Shasta started bringing awareness to this issue with emails in our local grorups and marches downtown. Of course, it went nowhere. And there were those of course who bought into the narrative that "oh those are just contrails".

After watching this video, i looked up Save Our Skies and found a link (sosia.org) completely unrelated to your efforts on Geoengineering. It is about the constant flying over neighborhoods to land and take off from airports. I lived in San Bruno where there is a major airport and it was truly constant of noisy - the low-flying jets. And that was 30 years ago. So I was thinking your might want to refer to your/our effort as something other than that.

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It would be great if the Alaska adventure could be at a different time time for those of us in Europe (even if just recording, no q&a). I would love to see it.

Sky/Geo - will there be a point when you want video or photographic evidence from around the world? Gotta be more than US people following you and this. I posted 1 & 2 on a fb I am on locally (UK) and people want to help.

(Living in UK, from S CA). Thank you

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