"The Greatest Story NEVER Told!" is very good as well. It's only 6 1/2 hours long, and has much of the same footage / information. I've watched both of these at least 5 times (that's something like 100+ hours invested) and still find it difficult to wrap my mind around what I was seeing and hearing, because of what we have always been told about these events and the players involved. However, given all of the lies and propaganda we've been fed over the past 100+ years about historical events, I believe what these films show us to be closer to the truth. Anyway, I urge people to take the time to watch both of these documentaries. I found both "The Greatest Story NEVER Told!" as well as "Europa The Last Battle" on Rumble.

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One must recall there to be some very important omissions by Putin; primarily the 'Red Famine' perpetrated by the Bolsheviks where the Ukrainian People of the east were murdered primarily by starvation when they were removed from their family farms and Mines and Russian 'Replacement Population' were installed; people NOT knowing how to farm or the particular land they were placed upon who did not produce food for years.

Interesting how this was completely neglected.

Didn't hear many tough questions from Tucker to Putin...Putin is actually aligned with the same Nazi's running the west loyal to The Club of Rome/Black Nobility and its International Mafia. IT IS ALL THE SAME GROUP AND THEY ARE THE OLDEST GOVERNMENT FROM ALL TIME...EVIL, MURDER AND THEFT THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO CONFRONT AND TOTALLY REMOVE.

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I watched “Europa, The Last Battle” a couple of years ago. Eye opening is an understatement! I’m very open to everything…there’s always other viewpoints to all! I highly recommend this documentary.

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I think we can all drop the, "I'm not anti-semitic" qualifier now. Just say what you mean and when you get accused of that slur, push back and expose how that accusation is a cover for lies and murder.

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I find this interview is a convincing accompanying piece to read alongside Europa. Harold W Rosenthal was a young assistant in the office of Senator Jacob Javitz in the 1970’s. His boastful arrogance was enough for his masters to have him murdered. Any time I run into fellow Jews wondering how could we ever be disliked I ask them to read it. http://www.whale.to/b/hidden_tyranny.html

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Sorry I missed the conference—I live here in Southern California and was going to go but I ended up babysitting my granddaughter who got sick. Anyway, there is a sub cult within Judaism that was very influential. A prominent individual is Jacob Frank. He was a Polish person, living in the 18th century who went down into Salonika, that was the Turkish empire, and got involved in a cult of heretics, the Sabbataians. They had a belief that committing sins would bring down the Messiah. It’s called “Redemption through sin.” This group of Frankists had a huge influence on both Bolshevisim and western occultism of Aleister Crowley. So, there is an ethically based Judaism and then there is this anti-ethical heretical cult that breaks all the sexual and dietary laws of the Torah. I can’t say the” Banksters" are part of this or Larry Fink, or whomever. It’s hard to know, especially since it was supposedly no longer an actual group. It did influence the rise of communism and it was probably associated in some way with the Rothschilds and the Illuminati. It’s a thought.

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Im glad you got to see this and add it to the knowledge base , I have been very aware of all this for a long time which is why I made a podcast at the beginning of the plandemic to show that the formalized plan that we recognize as the NWO/WEF /TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA was launched even toward and including America in 1773 , even before its full independence which never really was, or its attempt to create a REAL CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC . Having been to Russia 3 times and having a Russian partner that speaks 7 languages , The Russian point of view and story is of course not what we have been allowed to know . They lost more than 20 million people in WW11. I will state here though that I would not be fooled by Putin's story completely. In Russia they are pushing the digital everything/social credit prison system as well , and have many WEF young leaders in place . They too pressured the death shots on their population. They had developed mass psychotronic mind control weapons on their population first. They are the fundamental driving force behind BRICS, which in some ways is understandable as US debt instrument currency collapses. In spite of Russia s justifications for Ukraine war /BLACKROCK/VANGUARD is grabbing up the land, will get rebuilding contracts and it will be a totally smart country prison. Russia is just doing their part in this agenda. Russia has never really completely freed themselves from the Black Nobility. City of London/Khazar mafia, and Swiss Global financial cartels, even now . But David Rockefeller always dis state ":for the full NWO to be in place, the Eastern Orth. church and Russia and America must be destroyed."

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The problem with this movie, and "The Greatest Story NEVER Told!" is not the criticism of Jewish bankers. Most of the facts presented are, as far as I can tell, correct.

The problem is their defense of fascism, and specifically Adolf Hitler and the nazis as good and noble. This is a problem both because it is nonsense, and because it tends to discredit by association the other facts which are presented.

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Alison Weir's book, "Against Our Better Judgment," (https://ifamericansknew.org/about_us/alisonweir.html) is also a good resource about how history has been completely obfuscated and our present reality completely manipulated by the Zionist agenda, as well as Ronan Bergman's book "Rise and Kill First," (https://shop.thejewishmuseum.org/rise-and-kill-first). It's imperative that Jews and gentiles alike learn this history and understand that not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Calling out the terror Zionists have inflicted on the world is not anti-Semitic, just as calling out the horrors of the Nazi regime is not anti-German.

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I guess I’m on a Crusade to inform readers that an outstanding historic overview is written ( especially) for folks who shy away from too much blood and gore). Your fellow Substack writer Will Zoll.,has a series on history called PRUSSIAGATE.

His style is easy to read and it’s in segments that covers the origins and rise of the evil without a name that is spreading around the planet. Origins of customs and beliefs from the ancient Greeks

have moved through time , gone underground only to keep resurfacing over and over again.

His foot notes are woven in so you can research his facts as you go.

He speaks to the reader in easy prose that kept me going back

to keep following the threads of ideas for trends and events

which re-emerge yet again .

This is an army without a country.

We can not defeat an invisible enemy but we must recognize it and destroy it asap.

I would recommend this be added to the curriculum of all high schools and colleges everywhere?

Check it out?

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Hi Reinette, I am Belgian. Indeed this battle against Russia is done by a group of nazi's which actually has its roots in the first century after Christ. Their beasty and revengeful behavior hasn't stopped since these early times. 'The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria: https://geopolitics.co/2015/03/11/hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

I am somehow disappointed that we still live in such a kitch, old fashioned and childish-tantrum-times. One would laugh out loud at it if it weren't so damn dangerous... We haven't evolved at all simply because we didn't know. We have to rise above it and say NO to these vulgar expressions of selfishness and extreme ugly violence.

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I follow Whitney too. and a lot of guests that I heard on Tims earlier podcasts.

Most Americans are clueless and injected. I dont have a choice other than to survive and whatever resistance is required. The children are the future so people better resist early on.

Look up A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Moon if you think Americans are clueless.

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Yes Tucker's interview was excellent. I really appreciated Putin covering the older Russia/Ukraine history. And thank you for sharing the link to the documentary, “Europa., The Last Battle.” I've never heard of it, although am aware of how the Zionist bankers played a part. I am a history buff so will watch it very soon as well as "The Greatest Story Never Told".

I'm so sorry to hear about your computer issues.

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Thank you for the Europa tip.

Are you aware that it was freemason Palmerston who set the plan to take Palestine in motion in the 1830s. It was he who said Now is the time for the Jews to return to the holy land to which the meme arose News to the Jews. It was he who sent expeditions to find archeologic finds in Palestine and Jerusalem. Many hiding converso Jews with their name changes were part of the secret freemasonic society. Hertzel and Hess are puppets.

What is never allowed to be asked is the behavior which has gotten Jews expelled from so many countries. It is always framed as some innate genetic hatred from a bad place in the heart.

What you see now is the removal of heritage European America and its replacement with a nondescript blob. Enter immigrants galore.

The Jewish Frankfurt School wrote The post world war II The Authoritarian Personality wher in chapter 23 it states that the family (and fascist Christianity) will be eliminated through Eros and Propaganda (Their exact words). Thus, the explosion of pornography.

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Buffering issues with this freebee, so I just ordered DVDs from MoneyTree Publishining.

$50 +5.95 shipping.

Good to view at home, on my own schedule, I think.

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