I had not considered that the 1930s Depression had embedded trauma in our DNA, but it makes perfect sense. With the strength of that event and the others you note, the burning times for example, being part of us for so long, it almost seems that shifting one or two small things is not going to make much difference. But I am sure you are right about gratitude and appreciation, and the power of that.

As an academic editor who has been replaced by AI (grad students have stopped asking for my help in the past 7-8 months, quite precipitously), I have a quite negative view of using AI for anything beyond repetitive mental tasks. Human creativity, be it visual art or writing one's own ideas into a well-crafted argument, should, in my view, NEVER be aided, and certainly not replaced, by AI. For the artwork, Chat GPT to make illustrations means that human artists do not get to do this work and get paid for it, and to me adds a taint of artificiality to the art.

When it comes to writing, whether it's a dissertation, a cover letter for a job application or a business marketing plan, AI is a crutch that inevitably will lead to people not being able to communicate their ideas themselves--but also not even being able to think clearly. Using AI to write, and to do art, is straight-up transhumanism, without the need for virtual reality goggles or a brain chip. It's human beings offloading some of their own unique creativity onto a robot and becoming dependent on that crutch more and more every day.

AI may have its place as an assistant to human work. But it's a very slippery slope. I appreciate that you let us know you'd used it, and asked for feedback. It seems to me that many people are unthinkingly accepting AI as a personal helper to do their own work, and are not realizing that they are stepping onto that slope that will slowly erode their own ability to think.

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Betsy, I totally agree with you regarding using AI to replace people and certain skills. But do know, that I do not use AI for anything I would otherwise pay for. The visuals I use would otherwise have to be taken from online, which could be a copyright violation for some images. Also, I totally agree with you as far as student papers, news articles, dissertations and so on, is a real danger to our intellect, and truly know another person's intellect. Like all things, it can be weaponized and used to dumb down, or add value and used as a tool.

I would always use it sparingly.... and I appreciate your honest feedback.

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It's a bit like using a calculator for mathematics. I noticed students in high school mathematic classes were unable to use pencil and paper to do basic algebraic and geometry skills about 20 years ago. Cursive and handwriting are not taught (or very rarely taught) in our schools. Those skills are have been slowly receeding from curriulums for the past 40 years. I hardly recognize our public schools any more as Chrome books and other devices have now become the norm. Most educators are not actually teaching. Our younger generations are missing out on just being kids and developing skills at their pace. They are forced into boxes that do not suit them or their learning needs.

I wanted to share this short article with you about how one CEO was fired for using AI. https://newstalk870.am/sports-illustrated-fires-ceo-over-publishing-a-i-stories-fake-writers/

I pray people will learn that anything worth doing is worth doing well by them and not continue to use AI as their crutch.

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You hit the nail on the head. It's one thing to utilize ChatGPT after you have acquired many of the basic skills. I'm looking at how to utilize it to make my work time more efficient. It's a bit stunning how much time and effort goes into each of these substacks. So, I'm spending this month ways to utilize ChatGPT ethically and effectively WITHOUT compromising integrity of my work.

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In addition, ChatGPT should not be utilized anywhere in the sphere of learning.... it will not pay off in the end if the student does this.

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I have heard one secondhand story and other reports that universities are scrambling to figure out how to respond to the easy availability of AI by students. In the old days, 10 years ago, when I taught college writing, if I suspected that a student had not written their paper, I could usually find the place they had copied it from within 10 seconds on the Internet by searching for a paragraph or a sentence from the paper. With AI, of course, proving plagiarism will be impossible because it actually is original, just not the student’s own original work. This is going to be very tricky. I’m so glad I’m not teaching now.

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I am so grateful to witness your perspective on this topic, Betsy. Your shares have me wondering if this AI problem will be part of the edge that pushes the education system to change. And maybe that is a good thing as it may have been designed for a different time and space. I'm imagining perhaps live dissertations or discussions in place of essays, and the return of thoughtful conversation. This age has had technology interspersed with their social lives from the very beginning and maybe are a bit transhuman from the old school perspective by default.

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An intriguing point. As someone who has been through the ordeal of grad school, I have long considered that aspect of higher education--long hours of reading and study, navigating the horribly dysfunctional departments and committees, sweating out oral or written comprehensive exams, and, for doctors, ludicrously long hours as a resident in the hospital--to be inhumane and unnecessary--a cruel initiation. But the whole thing, every aspect of education as it is done on every level, is cruel and inhumane and needs to be reconfigured from the ground up. How can aspiring scholars, professors, doctors, etc., demonstrate their proficiency with a given body of knowledge, or their creation of new knowledge? Or, are even these things not needed anymore? Is writing even needed? I have serious doubts about that, but a new education system will look so different that many aspects of it are probably impossible even to imagine now. At least, I find it so. But I definitely agree, AI could be the catalyst for envisioning something entirely new.

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I'm surprised to hear this, as for me, choosing to use this technology is to support companies with my inquiries, my ideas, and it feels a bit matrix-y like ChatGPT is actually using us when we use it.

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Our consciousness, I believe, is not subject to the vicititudes of life on earth. Once we realize this, we are truly free. This does not mean our bodies or brains are not vulnerable. I hope in the coming year of 2024, we will be exploring all ways to protect our immune system and thus our brains. We need to work together, in a community of healers. There is power in numbers, personal power, and collective power. Let's make 2024 the year of Awakening to our true potential and the healing of our planet.

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Thanks for this. I wholly agree about the importance of gratitude.

About ChatGPT, since you asked: In my view, we are in a struggle for a human future, therefore the less artificial intelligence I allow into my world the better. It's neato fun to get all the illustrations, and ask it whatever, I get that, but whenever I see what looks like ChatGPT artwork my instinct is to leave the site ASAP. It gives me the creeps.

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Good to know. This is important feedback.

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I feel that it is the same with everything, if ChatGPT is used in a moral context, it is fine and can be used in addition to the crafty and talented artworks of human beings. I think the two ways of expressions should go together. Photoshop etc also was a kind of artificial layer and artists used that iso playfully. As long as psychological manipulation is kept a bay it should be fine?

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I guess we'll find out...

Piki, lovely to see you here. I've got your transcript coming up in the new year. Your video is so refreshingly fun!

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Meanwhile, here goes for Reinette and her readers:

Let's Make Some Soup

PHM7710, posted September 12, 2023


hat tip: comment by Piki on Tessa Lena's Substack "Tessa Fights Robots": https://tessa.substack.com/p/three-years-of-covid-a-tale-of-s/comment/40005004

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: My transcription does not begin to give this brief performance justice. Piki is an artist who writes the Substack "Kay and the Blue Teapot," about which she writes, "We stand for giving the world back to the children, the animals, the trees, to nature. Stories for children, mothers and fathers, caretakers and jolly teapot-lovers who believe in a new, natural, clean, authentic, humble and a better world." https://kayandthecockyteapot.substack.com/


PIKI: Let's make some soup. Which kind of soup?

Some WHO soup.

What is WHO soup? What are the ingredients? The World Health Organization. United Nations. NATO. European Union. A few NGOs. A bit of fat American warmongers. Spice it up generously with a few philanthropists.

We add a few vaccines! And some lockdowns maybe. And let's blend it.

No!! Let's grind it!!

And give it to the cats and dogs!



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Oh and yes TR.B, talking about artificial visuals, look at this one:


This one is indeed very deceitful, it is luring the victim into a new beautiful but false world . It is new from UNICEF, GAVI, The WHO and the UN.

It scared the hell out of me.

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Thank you TR.B.

The sound is abominable though.

Guess have to invest in a good microphone.

Humor is the way to go.

And visualisations, even if it is via ChatVPT I feel.

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I just spent almost 20 minutes staring at the brain and garden pictures, trying to figure out why they make me feel weird. When I broke it down, I love all those things (in the garden picture.) I could not figure it out. Then I got to the end, and you mentioned ChatGPT. Being a reader, I find the images detracting - I find them to lack authenticity, which is the opposite of your writing. It's strange though -- the images are neat and tidy, I guess I was detecting 'fakeness.' Am eager to see what other people think. I haven't read any comments yet - did not want to be influenced ...

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Thank you..... this is a total experiment. I'm curious to hear the rest of the feedback.

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I agree with you. Something made by a human being has completely different "vibe." Not everyone is sensitive to that, though.

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After taking a break and looking at the images again, I. noticed thet the 'clean | good' side contains weird dark shadowy people without faces, lightbulbs, and the twitter bird!

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More great work Reinette, something I have quoted to many people with "addictions" to everything from fear, to victimhood etc is the first Part of the 3rd verse of the Bob Marley song "Redemption song" because he says it so simple that anyone can follow (as long as you not having a "bong session" or similar lol).

The 3rd verse starts with the folllowing:

"Emancipate yourself from mental Slavery, None but Ourselves can free our minds"

That one very poignant statement rings so very true in todays world more than ever - "if you think you are a slave, you are a slave and only we the individual can break those chains of slavery"

Something I have done for many years now is refuse to give my time or attention to anything that is not deserving of it. We PAY with our ATTENTION when it comes to being a slave in todays world. Anything going on in MSM i know nothing about, its been that way for the better part of 16 yrs if not more! During the madness of the fake pandemic, life carried on pretty much like normal for me because I refused to give it any attention-only thing it upset was my daily coffee in town but thats not so bad as I found out. CHANGE COMES FROM WITHIN first and foremost!

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The words battlefield and paricularly 'counterattack' are just what the dark warmongering entities want, a fight. Let's be more creative and engage in what we want to create, anew world where war is unheard of and green gardens of soul-share predominates in light, laughter and Love.

This "art" didn't do it for me, but hey that's okay!

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This is good to know. I'm using the monthly of December to explore different possibilities. Your feedback is imperative to this process so thank you, Francis.

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I enjoyed the AI pictures. They contributed to your article and also helped me understand a bit more about what AI can do. With respect to the Big Picture consequences of your using AI, It is hard for me to know.

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The binary choice is often incomplete. For example there is master or slave, which leaves out freeman. There is fight or flight, which leaves out submission. If we are going to reduce to a binary choice, how about freeman or submission. Being free to submit kind of removes all choice. Everyone is a freeman. All responsibility falls on each man and woman.

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Point taken regarding freedom vs. submission. In terms of fight or flight, there is a third, and some say a fourth, way that people respond to trauma: freeze and fawn. So that one is not binary.

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All good points.

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Appreciate this article, vantage point, and analysis! I also see our minds and attention, our ‘inner world’, as a primary battlefield lately. Fear and disconnection is the main warfare tactic. Thank you for this well thought out piece.

I do have mixed feelings and responses to the Chat GPT images....

I’m curious, the section that appears you quoted from someone, mentioning the Silver Spoons Collective - I could not find a reference for that quote, might you direct me?

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No that is a body, mind, spirit, flesh, blood, souls function of men and women with their progeny on the land and soil without ruler or subjects.

Header docket boiler plate . title. This will wind up a de jure document when flipping the de facto back to lawful and Constitutional de jure form of government in Original jurisdiction. Notice to the agent

We hold these truths to be self evident.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to

(1) dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and

(2) to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should

(3) declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Over the last 5 (five) years our ARTICLE I Section 1 social compact aka Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly has established these facts (docket numbers and proof of service at www.orsja.org) among many:

1. Oregon is the last of the several states of the Confederation and perpetual Union styled The United States of America’s Constitution circa 1859.

2. South Carolina broke the perpetual Union for the second time, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation broke it first and returned, causing color of law, from 24 December 1860.

3. March 1861 the start of Martial Law later codified by E.O #100 and the Lieber code and later FEMA. Verified by the US Army still in effect 2018, except on Oregon.

4. Matthew Deady wrote 2 (two) Oregon history books, paid for by our Oregon legislature. Both were frauds, they deny Amendment 13 anti title of nobility thus giving authority to Lincoln’s Amendments 13 and 14.Both are bogus. Causing the paradox 13 TONA the Amendment is not and should be; ARTICLE VII (Amended) is and should not be.

5. ARTICLE VII (Amended) and (Original) November 8, 1910 was unlawfully added to our Oregon Constitution. Causing a de facto = illegal or illegitimate governance. Color of law, incorporated, subdivision of the United States of Washington District of Columbia Inc. Government is not Incorporated.

6. June 2018 our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly established the 1st Amendment Assembly and petition for redress of grievances; ARTICLE I Section1 social compact and became the de jure provisional government on Oregon.

7. A Jury Pool was formed by de jure men and women; Grand jury 6 (six) times with Presentments and True Bills; Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction located in Amendment VII Civilian Court of record whose jury verdict has no appeal in fact. 5(five) times with the lawful elimination of 1 governor, 2 US Senators, 1 House Rep., 89 Oregon State legislators, , the entire judiciary, 36 Sheriffs, 42 executives by name. Oath breakers without honor unfit for a position of trust.

8. There is not one proper oath to the proper Constitutions with God Included among those required to have oath and bond. On Oregon.

Now it is up to you. We are not deceived. All those involved are hereby notified. If you want to occupy an office or position where an oath is required you will take a proper oath or be removed. Without proof of a proper oath you may not receive remuneration.

So, there is the felony, next comes misprision of felony, then accessory after the fact; which morphs into misprision of treason then treason without the proper oath to the proper Constitutions with God Included.

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Greetings my dear

Good point about the trauma of the Great Depression. I never saw it until you write about it.

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All my grandparents and their siblings lived through the Great Depression. It left an imprint on them. My parents were born just prior to the U.S. involvement in WW II. The trauma does leave a mark on our DNA. That can make it difficult to develop an attitude of grace (gratitude). I am determined to do that. I do not want to live in a negative or fear base world.

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My father came out of the Great Depression era.... had a garage stock full of everything you can imagine. The rest of the family sadly poked fun at him...I actually respected his response, understood it, and knew that if the proverbial sh*t ever hit the fan every-single-family would be at his doorstep in a hot minute.

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Choose courage. Choose love.

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thank you . love that you brought this all in. so easy to change. right in our minds. perfect. loved it all. practice is perfection

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Indeed, when we get over this (((MSM))) racist indoctrination inverting the PERPS into 'victims'.

I wonder what the REAL 'white people' that were annihilated in America(1) or India felt when they escaped to South America and were again attacked by the People of the Serpent known as the Sarpa cum Aztec cannibals and human sacrificers? https://TinyURL.com/PeopleOfTheSerpent

1) "Florida Bog Burials" for the oldest culture in America. (White)

Where did they go? WHY did they go? See "Aztec wall of skulls".


Survivors of the race war then escaped to New Zealand only to be later EATEN by the 'poor poor' POC (2) colonizers they stupidly allowed in.

2) "Skeletons in the Cupboard" and the Mahabharata detail this race war against REAL 'white' people that's about to end with these racist H8 suckers of humanity being obliterated by the 'white queen'!

(If only She would hurry the EF up!)

3) WhiteIndians.com : Canary Island Occidental culture also enslaved/killed.

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I want to see if anyone else is confused by this as I was for a long while. The point was raised here or in another Foghorn article. The concept that like attracts like. Does like attract like, or do opposites attract? Both cannot be true. I have advanced my understanding of this question because it often becomes a point of agreement or dispute without clarification, in discussion among right-minded people. I have seen the phrase used by opposing groups to advance various opposing positions on an issue. The question of what am I attracting that is influencing my world is important. But not deeply considered by most people. I could write an article or note on Substack but I may be the only one worried about this. I just want to reach people who think about this deeper stuff and the readers here are likely the people who would.


So my comment is opposites naturally form all structures. This is the relationship of foundational formation. The male and female are opposites creating one human genome So male and female are two natural parts of one form of conscious reality, in the form of our species in this biosphere.

Opposites Attracting to Become One

Male and female are said to attract, even though we are actually one. An introspective person may attract an extrovert to create one natural dynamic union for their shared urpose and value. Their shared value and purpose are fundamentally the same and have coalesced into an active fluid expression, seeking again an opposite, more fixed structure according to its unified capacity for expression.

This is the Yin and Yang of it all. Opposites are the result of Creation in the Creation Continuum.

Electricity is a quality of coalesced energy traveling through a fixed wire, defining its value and purpose. This quality of energy cannot be used to power your internet connection in the same cable or structure. Other fixed or oscillating structures are required.


Because it keeps coming up like an elephant in the room, in awareness content, politics and even economics, that like attracts like, when I think we are observing naturally coalescing energies instead of the law of opposites and natural attractions that form to create one thing.. Like energy, is attracted to itself and seeks greater capacity, according to its nature. This same energy also exists as fluid and active, while also in an opposite, denser material, which is a more fixed conduit natural to its expression, and transmission.

Energy avoids structural obstacles and circulates in a conducive conducive structure. If there are too many obstacles to allow energy to flow at present capacity a big explosion occurs, like with our economy and global order. The denser material is deconstructed, and sorted out according to the quality of the energy in motion. Those who are trying to dictate a new economic and political structure, are clearly operating under an understanding of what attracts what, according to natural laws. Naturally coalescing environmental and human behavioral energy attracts them to target it for disruption to repurpose that behavior. We need to be clear on what we are attracting or allowing according to our nature and what is a targeted disruption or a psyche-op used by those monitoring and influencing us

I have observed the phrase like attracts like, used without a clearer definition, to sell an agenda or product of questionable value. So it is a device that can be used to manipulate and mislead when used selfishly. That's why, at the awareness and discussion level of this group, it may be useful for us to be clear on the law of opposites relative to attraction and the laws of naturally coalescing energy quality, formation, and transmission.

Thanks for reading.

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how far it's gotten and where it's all headed--it's more than our brains- it's our energy! https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/maria-zeee-uncensored-todd-callender-lisa-mcgee-wban-human-hacking-proof-how-far-does-it-really-go/

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