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Lahaina, a Modern-Day Pearl Harbor

Calling the devastation of Lahaina a wildfire is rejecting the brutal truth Americans need to grapple with. Similar to the recent Turkish earthquakes, we are dealing with 5th generation warfare.

Lahaina. It's been on many of our minds as of late. 

The images, stories, and reports are heart-wrenching and unbearable to see come out of the tight-knit island community. But this is not the first time this magnitude of catastrophe has happened, and it won't be the last until we hit a critical mass of awareness, followed by conscious action.

But I'm not talking about climate change.

I'm so over that. 

While many feel this is an unprecedented and natural "wildfire," nothing could be further from the truth.

As I reported earlier herehere, and here, Turkey was slammed by NATO's weaponized earthquakes last February.

What Lahaina residents and visitors endured this week was an island version of the Turkish event(s): the weaponization of nature.

From Hurricane Katrina, Santa Rosa, Hurricane Sandy, and Paradise (and, yes, Turkey), the world is waking up to a new level of weaponry and continued disregard for life and all that is sacred…..

In this video, I share personal experiences from the aftermath of Paradise, CA, and Hurricane Katrina…. what I saw then, what we see now.

While Pearl Harbor launched us into WWII, I can’t help but wonder if, just perhaps, this Lahaina attack may be the final straw for The People….?

For those who want to donate, here is a Google doc with different links that go directly to families in need, HERE:

This is an Instagram page with families also in need and their QR codes for donations, HERE.


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