You Girls ROCK!!!!!

I fully support you both!!! Renette, the chemtraiming is a state of emergency!! Thank you BOTH!!!

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Peggy DOES do GREAT work!! She is a SUPER HERO!

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You both are truth warriors and I for one am so grateful. I first learned of Peggy when she was fighting the freeway signs telling us to stay home, etc. I sent a letter that she suggested stating it was against the law to post such signs and they were immediately taken down.

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PEGGY!! Love love love her -- and love love love you!

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Thank You!!

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You got that right, Reinette. The middle class is the political class, and you have a voice in proportion to your money.

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Everyone considering court actions and other solutions PLEASE CONSIDER and BE AWARE OF THIS

Just to be clear be clear.. this is how it went down in MI:

FBI infiltrates group

FBI pushes crimes

People in the group say No. they will not go along with it

FBI RAIDS homes, arrests people at work in plain clothes - in hopes they resist/fight back in public

People getting arrested have no idea why they are getting arrested. They never had any intention or plan to commit any crimes

No crime was ever committed

No plan was ever created to commit a crime, other than the FBI pushing it.

THEY SIT IN PRISON FOR 18 MONTHS - before any trial.. no bail

Judge sides with FBI every time in trial

FBI is allowed to cherry pick evidence.

Defense is not allowed to provide evidence that clearly shows there was no intent to commit any crime by defendants

the FBI actual said this, summarizing : Even though we don't have evidence of the conspiracy, that is only because we could not obtain the records of them plotting it.. but we know they were plotting it

ie. : The FBI was submitting evidence to the jury as evidence that they never even had. The judge allowed this.

After 18 months, 2 of the defendants were acquitted, while 7 are in prison for 20 years to life .. for a "conspiracy to kidnap" -- meaning they only TALKED about it... never tried it, or did it.. and most of their "talking about it" - was arguing with the FBI telling them they did NOT want to do it.

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Everything you state is SHOWING how the justus system is WEAPONIZED just as the MEDICAL SYSTEM IS . Attorneys ARE AGENTS OF THE COURT and are beholden FIRST TO THIS WEAPONIZED SYSTEM. If they do too much they will be disbarred , like the doctors know they will have their licenses taken away if they tell the truth or go against the protocols forced from ABOVE. In the end they know they can where you out financially. As soon as they force the CBDC s, all such actions will require ALL to use this for any legal actions thus ending the counteractions by all the "troublemakers"

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When I hear something like this so well documented, it should be obvious the ENORMOUS organization, the enormous number of criminally complicit individuals, and the massive investment and planning in this global evil depopulation agenda. MAKE lists , including addresses , photos and all info on the complicit, when all else fails. All these games the legal system can play is why such efforts are only part of the solutions. What will you do when all this fails?

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Everything has been done by stretching and ABUSING so called Emergency situations ,powers, and control measures. None of which is lawful , Constitutional, or moral.

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Two great beings doing what NEEDS to be done join them in such ACTIONS wherever you are ALL our lives depend on it .

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We are at extinction level danger as we discuss all this. Who knows the next moves? I can say, these people, one day, will not have ignorance as a excuse. There is coming a day of reckoning.

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Reinette, you're saying that Nevada City is a corporation, and has been for a long time? I recently was sent something work related that I think was from the Nevada City website which stated "unincorporated Nevada City"

I just went and looked it up. Here is the link:


About halfway down the page look for the heading "Building Permit Fee Waivers":

"Building Permit Fee Waivers

Residents and business owners with storm damage repairs in unincorporated Nevada County will receive priority permitting and have local fees waived for repair permits through the Nevada County Community Development Agency (CDA) for repairs following the February 24, 2023, winter storm."

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May 10·edited May 10

"One of my favorite troublemakers" - haha, yes great intro! I love Peggy Hall. There are infectious elements in the world, but they are energetic in nature, and Peggy's energy, humor, joy and positive attitude are infectious. She's not just healthy and helping others to be healthy, she is healing people, just by listening to her and seeing her beautiful smile, I swear. Her clever code words are highly entertaining to me because they are so on point, laughter is medicine, of the healing kind, true medicine.

This was just posted today, seems a timely and relevant reveal about how the hospitals and administrators profited... follow the money:


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Hello Reinette, have you heard of this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NYuxL78JKY Not sure how serious this all was in 2010 but at first glance he sounds legit.

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