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Pt 1 Christian Oesch: Swiss Medical Freedom-5G-Geoengineering Warrior, Joins Reinette Senum

Great strides are being made in Switzerland in the fight against Covid shots, 5G, and geoengineering; lessons we can learn from.

Americans are not alone. Citizens turned activists are gaining momentum and determination around the world. Swiss citizen, Christian Oesch, is one such person. Joining Reinette Senum, he covers hot and heavy topics in this 2 part interview; the Central Bank, a seminal (Covid) criminal complaint against Federal Councillor Berset in Switzerland, their fight against 5G, the geoengineering assault over Europe, and how we see glimmers of hope.

Pt 1 interview covers the Central Bank and Covid legal developments.

Part 2 interview we dive into 5G, geoengineering, and the fissure developing in the global dominance madness.


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