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Pt 2 Christian Oesch: Swiss Medical Freedom-5G-Geoengineering Warrior, Joins Reinette Senum

Great strides are being made in Switzerland in the fight against Covid shots, 5G, and geoengineering; lessons we can learn from.

Americans are not alone. Citizens turned activists are gaining momentum and determination around the world. Swiss citizen, Christian Oesch, is one such person. Joining Reinette Senum, he covers hot and heavy topics in this second part of a two-part interview; how Europeans are fighting back against the latest 5G developments and illegal geoengineering programs sweeping Europe's skies.

Pt 1 interview covers the Central Bank and Covid legal developments here.

In this Pt 2 interview… we explore the latest 5G and geoengineering developments.

Samples collected from around Europe and sent to labs for analysis

Spider-like strings were recently dispersed into the air from Northern Italy to the Netherlands on the same day.

How was this coordinated, large-scale program possible? Who is behind it? Who funded it? What are these strings? And for what purposes?

Samples have been collected from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and sent to Christian Oesch. The initial lab results have uncovered these are anything but organic spider webs. They are nylon materials and possibly hollow with crystal/nanotechnology.

More “spider webs” collected from around Europe and sent to Christian Oesch for lab analysis

Stay tuned. When the lab results have been finalized, Christian Oesch will return be share them with my subscribers.


For those who believe geoengineering is impossible, it has been happening above our heads for many decades. Only now are those hijacking our sky admitting to their plans… as if they are new.

Most recently, Mexico has banned geoengineering in their country.

Furthermore, experts call the programs an “unacceptable risk.

About time…..


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