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Thank you Christian for you and those working with you. We pray for God’s guidance in exposing the evil and disposing of it!!! To the benefit of all mankind. God Bless.

( Reinette we hope you run again for office and help lead us out of the hole we are in, in CA)

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I despise the spraying of our skies from these psychos. I feel less alone here with you in California on our side.... I voted for you in the primaries. They want the farm land and if they can they try to dry up the storms. But storms still get through if they are strong enough. Let's hope the weather keeps fighting back against these lunies.

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Lena Pu might be a good one to contact about 5G. She has stopped 5G in most public areas of Davis Ca. She uses affidavits etc. I don't understand it myself, but trying to learn about it. I think we have to do all this ourselves via the constitution and stay out of the bar courts which are corrupt to the core.

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THANK YOU, Reinette and Christian for this wonderful conversation! You two are Earth Angels, doing the work you're doing and spreading the word. What is falling from the skies is what troubles me the most (well 5G and beyond, as well.) I cannot keep my mouth shut about the climate geoengineering when people in my small town comment about how weird the weather is. They think I'm crazy. Oh well. It's not just what it's doing to the humans that troubles me, it's the trees and the birds and bees and weeds, etc. You two are awesome! 🙏

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I had to stop at 3 mins. in and grab my yellow legal pad! I'm shaking with excitement as if I just found the Holy Graille. I believe I was born a skeptic, however, I'm a little skeptible about that, so it may have been an aquired mistrust early in my youth. Day 1, when I heard about the CCP/Fauci/GatesofHell virus, I began to devote most of my time in learning the FACTS about what the hell is going on.

Being a curious GEORGE, and a doubting THOMAS are not only what I am but WHO I AM. May God Bless you both! Now back to the rest of the story...

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Wonderful interview, and I am at that very point of all in, nothing left to lose, and investing in eternity with what I still have. Off this topic, I just ordered "Under the Radar 537-555 Trumpence by Boyd Anderson. I would like to see you interview this man.

Thanks Reinette for all you give.

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Goggle shall block censor this use Brave etc

heallth info included >

the warrior Claire Edwards can advise who the 5G controlled opposition infiltratiors are





Body Electric Secrets - 25Nov20 - by Joseph A Olson -


Herman Paul Schwan of Operation Paperclip alas WW2 was never over, essential weaponised blood + water microwave research

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this was incredibly helpful and educational- i've alerted our 5G smart meter groups- including in the headline/subject line that 5G tech can be put on 4G infrastructure- I was not aware of this- and now we need to tackle our towns and supervisors once again in Moron County, CA

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Excellent interview and inspiring to hear ways of fighting back about geoengineering. One must question who gets to decide about 5G and chemicals and EMF injected into our environment. Do corporations get to decide? Do politicians get to decide without informed consent? Yes, they use half truths to confuse and make discernment challenging for those who don’t search for truth and knowledge.

California just experienced massive weather manipulated bomb cyclones and atmospheric rivers. See my recent article on Substack about the parade of unnatural storms. Use earth science for discernment to see why it had to be artificially created. Geoengineering has been used as weather warfare since the 1940’s.

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I tried watching this tonight and recording won’t play. It has a slashed line through the side triangle you click to play the video. Strange 🤔

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As I listened to this 2020 report from kla.tv, I thought you may like to examine it.


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Thank you , Reinette & Christian. You both speak from the heart with brilliance of words.

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Microwaves total range 300MHz to 300GHz

mmWaves start at 26GHz

5G phones operate isotropic [omni-directional] antenna @ 3.4GHz + 3.6GHz, not phased-rarray.

PhasedArray beam signal thru brain kill quick is why.

5G beam-forming sweet spot Sub-GHz to 10GHz, travels miles, penetrates all except conductive materials.

LED Streetlights incls. blue light THz optogenetics [gene-editing of injected] capacity + mounting poles for Micro-5G antenna.

Not waves vitual concept mathematicians count, Magnetic Fields are fractal connected pulses.




FCC worlds regulator btw ZERO insurance indemnity for created radiation known risk, same as 'injections'!.

Remotely invisibly frequency antennae switchable to weaponise..

Captured Agency - How the FCC Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates by Norm Alster -


Aluminium a major material sprayed, drys moisture from trees etc, hollows them out then break.

1965 original patent updated iterations into 1970s

Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process -

We have found that aluminum is the most suitable metal since, besides being relatively cheap, it may be considered inert at room temperature + readily oxidizable metal.

Patent > USRE29142E



NanoTech [crystalline] unstable in UV light & Ether thus requires vectoring encapsulation, carbon nano tubes or plastic nano tubes to reach targets. Yes they are spraying nano graphene worldwide as well

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