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I heard this yesterday. She is so courageous and matter-of-fact. Today, I find myself living 100 miles from Ohio's "Chernobyl". I think this a deliberate act (check out "White Noise"), and a plan to scare us off our properties. The Amish communities were attacked, the farmlands, and farm animals. This is another food kill. Bastards, I ain't leaving!

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She is amazing! Praying for her safety. 🙏🏼

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What a warrior! I love her spirit, a rare quality in politics. May she be protected : the earth and all of us need her!

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God Bless her and keep her safe! What a wise and brave women! We need more like her!!! ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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More political leaders need to speak out publicly, and VERY loudly about what is going on. The WEF / UN / NATO and the U.S. need to be called out, and stopped.

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There are days when I am actually ashamed to be an American and this is one of them. What makes our leaders think they have the right to do this to other countries???? And it's so obvious what they have done, they don't even feel the need to do something like this covertly. If you had told me 20 yrs ago that I would be saying this today I would have said you were crazy, I guess ones perspective really does change the older one gets.....

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A friend, who would be one who could know, told me that "they" are preparing to throw Pfizer under the bus, because the stench is getting to the point where something or someone needs to be the Private Slovak of the jabs. Senator Șoșoacă's articulate diatribe cannot be merely swept under the rug because the carpet is getting moldy.

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Good morning Lady Senum.

Some of your readers think that I do not live in Turkey and I am a troll.

I want to write some info about Turkey. But it is very dangerous in Turkey to criticize Erdoğan and his party. You can be arrested at night.

Erddoğan's party (AK Party) is a Cabal Project. Erdoğan's party was established by Jewish Henry Kissinger and Jewish Madeleine Allbright. Ex-President Abdullah Gül went to USA for 3 times to join CFR meetings. Erddoğan's party is a CFR project. Since 2002 Erdoğan has been in power in Turkey. He sold every single asset of the Turkish State. Full throttle privatization killed Turkish domestic production. Now even straw is imported out of Turkey.

Erdoğan killed Turkish agriculture, economy, education, state system.

After 15 Temmuz 2016 False Flag he became the Sole Ruler and Sole Owner of Turkey. Now there is NO law, NO constitution, NO human rights in Turkey.

He always makes Anti-American and Anti-Israel speeches during his politcial rallies but he serves Global Jewry.

He bought Russian S-400 rockets despite being a NATO member. His aim was NOT'! to protect Turkey. His aim was to turn Turkey into a prey in front of the USA. After S-400 purchase USA vowed to detsroy Turkey's economy with sanctions. Erdoğan destroyed Turkey's economy thanks to this False Flag Purchase. S-400 rockets are stored in dust. I am 100% sure they are USELESS!

Moreover Russia will NOT!!! let Turkey to use them.

You can see same theatre in Iran and Cuba. Global Jewry created an Islamic Prison State in Iran in 1979. Everybody knows that 1979 revolution was a CIA (Cenrtal ISRAEL Agency) project. Jew controlled FAKE Anti-Israel Iranian govenment lives in extreme wealth on the other side Iranian people are struggling with headcover laws and poverty.

In Turkey Erdoğan and his party members are collecting Maybach, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and living in extreme wealth while Turkish nation suffers from extreme poverty.

In Turkey millions of people are trying to survive with 300 American Dollar wage. Yes around 300 Dollar. Some people earn even less.

In Turkey more than %95 of the Building Contractors are Primary School Graduate. Yes Primary School Graduate (5 years).

If you have money and political power, you can be a Contractor. No need for an architect or engineer diploma.

More than half of the buildings in Turkey are NOT legal. They do not have built permission and control and certification.

Before HAARP Eqarthquake, Erdoğan created a law fro these illegal buildings.

He created a law and tens of thousands of people paid money and got their permissions, and certificates..

Money talks in Turkey.

And all of these buildings COLLAPSED during HAARP attack.

In Turkey there is NO quality check, quality policy. Money talks.

Let me talk about Corona.

Turkish doctors and politicians know NOTHING about PLANdemic.

Turkish descent Uğur Şahin and his wife Özlem Türeci worked for Pfizer. They created NOTHING!

mRNA kille shots were created before PLANdemic.

Turkish Government purchased around 5 million Pfizer & Biontech mRNA shots. Ignorant Turkish people was saying thay "Biontech is German Quality". They got these shots. But they had NO idea about the danger of the vax. Thousands of them died because of clots and heart attacks.

In my city - Kayseri - more than 18.000 people had heart attacks because of these shots.

In my apartment one man died because of clot and brain hemorrage and another man died because of heart attack.

Turkish Government purcahsed Sinovac (inactive killer shots) and more than 60% of the population got these shots.

There is NO difference between Pfizer and Sinovac.Both of them are KILLER shots.

Erddoğan did NOTHING about PLANdemic and killer shots.

He is a controlled opposition.

He is a controlled Anti-American.

Western People do not have courage to talk about Chabad or Global Jewry. But truth is that "We are heading to JEW WORLD ORDER."

USA is a destruction tool in the hands of Jews. All the top American politicians are Jewish. They visit Israel and take photo in front of the Wailing Wall with their Kippah.

All the Western Politicians wear Cabbalah Red String.

Putin is another Jew.

Zelenski is another Jew.

Russia Ukraine war is a Jewish Plan to start WW III.

On the other side they destroyed Global Oil market, Gas Market, Food Market, Fertilizer Market, Transport and Chip Market thanks to this False Flag War.

A few weeks ago Global Jewry met in Abu Dhabi. Under the guise of COP 27 and Climate Change they want to create a Chrislam. A new World Religion. An Abrahamic Gloabal Control System.

Global Jewry wants to establish a TOALLY Jew owned and Jew controlled Gulag Planet.

Jews count the years 7 by 7.

Now we have entered the LAST STAGE of the JEW WORLD ORDER.

Global Jewry sent 5 Red Heifers from USA to Israel a few weeks ago.

These heifers will be slaughtered during a sick & primitive ritual.


This is the Sinister Agenda of the Jewish Klaus Schwab.

Until 2030, Global Jewry will CULL all of us.

Jewish Schwab was sitting neart the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress at a restaurant in New York on September 11,2001. These Jews were weatching 9/11 terror attacks and New World Order.

Same Jews performed Event 201, Clade X, Atlantic Storm, Dark Winter, Cyber Polygon....

I lost my enitre career at the university beause of these researches.

I have a giant archive more than 5.000 pages.

Lady Senum, a few weeks ago you wrote an article about American Frontline Doctors and Jewish Simone Gold.


Jews and Arabs are genetic brothers and they are children of the Jewish Abraham and Adam.

Jews are NOT!!! our ancestors, our brothers.

Abraham is NOT our grandfather.

Western People must learn this first.

But have NO courage to say this truth, because of Anti-Semitsm and Hate-Crime Scam.

Everything is a Jewish Plan to take over the World.,

NATO, EU, UN, WHO, CFR, IMF, World Bank , Global Banking System, Global Exchange System, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, WEF, Freemasonry, Rome Club, Vatican, Orthodox Church, Catham House..... are all Jew controlled Sinister Groups.

Jews use these organizations to control planet.

If you want to stop NATO, Coronavirus, Wars... you must stop Jews first.

USA is not a problem. American peope are not bad people. Problem is the Jews who control and use America as a Destruction weapon.

Russia is not poblem. Russian people are not bad people. Problem is Jewish Putin and other Jews who control Russia.

China is not problem. Chinese people are not bad people. Problem is the Jews who created a Communist Prison State in China.

European people are not bad people. Problem is Jew controlled European Union and Jewish European Politicians.

Rasmsu Paludan is a fuckin Jew. He burned quran and created a hate between Muslims and Europeans.

Dutch Far Right party leader Geert Wildrs is aother Jew.

Usama Bin Laden was a Jew from Yemen.

Abu Bakhir Al Baghdadi is another Jew.

I have the LARGEST Jewish archive on the planet.

I spent 20 years (2003-2023) for this research.

We entered the LAST STAGE - last 7 years - of the JEW WORLD ORDER.

Until 2030, Global Jewry will start WW III, new PLANdemics, new economic crisis, new layoffs, new Vaccine Mandates, new HAARP eqartquakes & hurricanes, new chaos and new deaths.

WHO says "prepare a new bird flu PLANdemic".

They are ready to CULL all of our chickens.

We have two options:

1. Global Jewry will CULL all of us,

2. We will stop them FOREVER.

No third option.

Now some Cowards and Faggots will come here and say "They are not Jewish, they are Khazarian or Globalist British Royal Family bla bla bla..."

Rockefller Family is Jewish.

Rothschild Family is Jewish.

Georger Soros is Jewish.

Henry Kissinger is Jewish.

Putin, Zelenskş, Biden, Blinken, Stoltenberg, Trudeau..... are all Jewish.

Chabad and World Jewish Congress are standing behind these Jews.

Jews are NOT a nation or a race.

They are sick & primitive a group of Middle Eastern tribe.

They believe that "they are chosen and they have the right to CULL all of us."

Global Jewry is the LARGEST ORGANIZED CRIME GANG on the planet and history.

I am sure Lady Senum and Substack will edit or maybe block this message and ban me.

You must say the truth without any fear if you want to save your countries and families.

A group of sick & primitive Middle Eastern bastards (Jews) are killing us in front of our eyes but Non-Jews do not have courage to say the truth.

You do not need a saviour.

You need COURAGE first!


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This short clip is very interesting...given what's just happened to Turkey and Syria..


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9 min. BREAKING NEWS: USA, Canada & Switzerland - 3 US Law Enforcement Agencies Activated - Ann Vander Steel and Pascale Najadi - https://rumble.com/v29up58-breaking-news-usa-canada-and-switzerland-3-us-law-enforcement-agencies-acti.html

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❣️ Please open yourSelf for your highest inner wisdom... There is so much more to all you are concerned about. Listen and hear the metaphysical wisdom of Michael J. Roads, I know him for more than 35 years.. https://youtu.be/ZNSyBH2X-Zs Thank you! 💫

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As sad as this horrific event is, the speech gives me hope.

This seems to be the year. The Khazarian mob is losing it all. They’re pulling out all stops.

Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and poisoning the air are sinister methods. I think this pathological geo-engineering is, as Dane says, “the biggest hole in the bottom of our boat.

Using Tesla’s research, they apply powerful ideas for diabolical purposes. I pray Tesla’s work is part of the revealing. We need his ideas.

Black vs. white magic.

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The words that are missing are: "their destruction". As in the goal was the destruction of the pipelines.

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Did her area of Rumania just get earthquaked? 2/14/2023 11:00 am est

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Here is a great film - watch for free- from Solari.com-- Catherine Austin Fitts posted it- it goes a long way to explain the mental illness and acceptance of the evil that is happening today-- and we do need to understand the psychology behind this operation, because the concept of 'mental heath' was subverted long ago, just as our government, health care and education systems have been taken over https://home.solari.com/lets-go-to-the-movies-week-of-august-29-2022-psychiatry-an-industry-of-death/

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Wow! Bad-ass is right. She doesn't mince words. What courage!

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