State of Emergency Declared in California

Geo-engineering, falling trees, record snowfall, all why you haven't heard from me because I'm in the thick of it.

My partner and I have fully prepared for such times. Power outages. Electricity interruptions. Volital weather. We have hardened our homes for wildfire. Removed several 175-foot tall ponderosa trees around the home to reduce possible dangers of trees falling onto her house…. everything we can think of has been undertaken.

We have been preparing our property for years.

So, imagine our surprise when two nights ago, sleeping comfortably after surviving a historic snowstorm, we startled awake at 2:30 am to the dreaded crackle of something huge falling through the forest, thudding into a large object, then into another large object until we heard what sounded like a train plowing through the house near our bedroom.

All hell broke out when many large trees came hurling towards my partner's home, landing a medium-sized oak tree on her upstairs porch, next to our bedroom. The rest of the trees landed next to her home. A cascading domino of trees had been triggered over a hundred feet away by one large tree that lost its footing on our neighbor's property. 

The upper deck to my partner's home got completely crunched. Amazingly the structure of the house is relatively unscathed for the most part (see video above). 

My home, only a mile away, had just had a tree fall onto my deck, narrowly missing my house last week.

Currently, we are 2 for 2.

My partner and I are somewhat exhausted but okay. Her property, my property is a mess. Her power is out, but she has a generator we are being prudent with…. she has really slow internet, and uploading videos and substacks is nearly impossible. She will be out of power until March 7th. I just got power in downtown Nevada City yesterday afternoon, but there is no internet or word on when it will be restored.

While we have two fires to keep her home warm and we are stocked up… I can't help but worry for so many.

I hear of those who lost their homes throughout this record storm. We have dear friends who have had three homes in their neighborhood crushed by nearby trees, including an elderly woman whose home has been made inhabitable.

Her neighbors have been extraordinarily gracious and let her live with them until further notice.


Newsom recently declared a state of emergency in 13 counties, our county being one of them. We heard from an emergency responder who is a friend of ours that, for the first time, fire strike crews are being called in to help cut up the fallen trees so the roads can be plowed and lines repaired.

Hwy 20, 40 plus fallen trees up and down a local road. No emergency assistance from the County. Residents claimed it was like a hurricane.

Many residents in this county are weeks out from getting their roads cleared and power restored. This is a dangerous situation, and I can tell you now some people will not survive.


Something is seriously amiss. We have just witnessed a genocide of trees designed by nature to withstand a few feet of snow.

Each winter becomes more and more difficult, and more and more unpredictable. Snowfall, which was once joyful, is now extremely heavy and destructive and feels more weaponized.

What many of the roads look like…. and still look like; buried in snow and trees.

While I hear people mumbling, "that damn manmade climate change," I can only say this is not the cows' fault. What we face is undoubtedly manmade, but it isn't what most think. It is climate geoengineering—weather modification. We have been getting sprayed like bugs and now feel the consequences.

The carnage we see in our forests has been decades in the making. Our soil, water, snow, and air have been tested and are full of aluminum, barium, and a whole host of unnatural toxins. As discussed in an interview with Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch.org, we know the toxins being sprayed overhead negatively impact and prevent trees and foliage from uptaking water, nutrients, or sugars.


The trees have been compromised. Big, beautiful ponderosa are snapping off at the top halves like toothpicks, or falling over like dominos. Beautiful mother oaks with large enveloping arms are splitting into two and tumbling to the ground. Many tree roots have disintegrated only 6 feet from the trunk. Our entire ecological balance is out of whack, and we feel the full repercussions of this. 

We are amid a modern-day ecocide.

The first thing we saw once the storm clouds cleared.

What we are experiencing is not natural in any way, and the people, the wildlife, the environment, and many of our heritage trees are paying for it.

When do we recognize that the war is in our communities? We are being assaulted from all directions, and during these storms, we see the blueprint of the evil masterminds.


We have been getting calls for help today and yesterday. We have people of all ages, the elderly, families with small children, and the homeless living in the woods, and they are all stuck.

Hundreds of people are running out of people food, pet food, medications, and heat and can't make it to their wood shed; snow shovels are broken, backup generators are running out of propane, and because of this, they are running out of water, and their cell phones are dying. They can no longer call for help.

They can't get out, and nobody can rescue them. They are getting desperate.

If they are in harm's way and their house catches on fire, they have an injury or health issue; they are on their own. Nobody will be able to reach them.

I have friends who have been out of power for many days and with no hope of electricity for weeks. Yes, weeks. Their power lines cannot be reached because of all of the hundreds and hundreds of fallen trees. Trees designed for heavy snow loads…. at least, that is how Mother Nature intended it. But she has been run afoul.

Even the wildlife is desperate. I have never seen in my entire life, so many accounts (mostly on Nextdoor.com) relaying horrific incidents of pet owners' small dogs and cats being snatched off their back decks, with owners standing nearby, by a hungry mountain lion. 

These big cats do not usually make bold moves except during desperate times. There is no wildlife around; everything is buried. The big cats must be hungry.


I also blame freaking Pacific Gas & Electric for, once again, costing economic loss, suffering, and loss of life. Our power lines should have been buried years ago, and instead, all that money is going to the PG&E shareholders instead of ensuring secure electricity.

Let's chalk this one up to greed and evilness.

But let me say this, and this is a big BUT. The beautiful side to this is that neighbors who have not been speaking to one another since Covid are all out with their snow shovels, covering each other's backs. It's like the old days, pre-Covid. I'm so grateful for this.

As much as these evildoers are trying to destroy us, they can’t destroy the human spirit and our compassion.


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