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The State of Israel is Done as Newsom Attempts to Turn America's Once Golden State into Chinafornia

While one parasitic class is dying another is attempting to position itself in its new host; America.



A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (host) and derives nourishment at the expense of the host. Unlike predators, parasites typically do not kill their hosts immediately, as their survival depends on a prolonged relationship.

I know. I know You think. I'm delving into the creepy, crawly world of worms here – no, sir! We're waltzing straight into the realm of the human variety, the kind that dons suits and ties, graces us with their "leadership," and probably couldn't tell a worm from spaghetti if their political careers depended on it. 

What the world has witnessed this last week is equivalent to a parasitic parade with headliners Governor Gavin Newsom, the Faux US President Biden, and the communist maestro himself, Xi Jinping – who, by the way, seems to be eyeing California like it's the hottest property on the market during his recent visit to the new Chinafornia.

Jinping paid Chinese American flag-wavers for the perfect photo ops along his tour.

These guys are a special breed of parasites who've mastered the art of usurping everything vital and living. Move over, worms, these leaders are here to show us how it's done – with a dash of charisma and a pinch of political maneuvering.

Newsom's maneuvers were "awe-inspiring." In a matter of days, throughout downtown San Francisco, he removed every homeless person and their encampments, powerwashed the sidewalks, and erected metal barriers reminiscent of China's 15-minute cities — and in record time.

Newsom needed to prove himself to his parasitic king coming to town that he is the rightful owner of the throne of the US Presidency, and will do as directed by the communist king.


So, why the sudden interest in California real estate, you ask? Xi Jinping is taking a stroll through what might be his future digs. It's like house-hunting but on a global scale. And who wouldn't want the Golden State as their backyard? But hey, maybe he's just looking for a sunny spot to practice his dictator tan – I can't blame the guy for wanting to glow while he governs.

Meanwhile, Governor Newsom intends on rolling out a plan that sounds like it was lifted straight from China's Social Credit system – a "Cradle-to-Career" system (but we won't let him, will we?). It's apparently a game-changer for "improving the lives" of millions of Californians, starting with our school.

Early indoctrination is the Chinese way.

The intention is to collect every data point to be calculated and tabulated about their lives, pushing them into an episode of The Black Mirror. 

And let's not forget our beloved Faux President Biden, who's likely strategizing how to balance his checkbook with China. Rumor has it he might sweeten the deal by offering California as a diplomatic dessert. I mean, who wouldn't want a state with Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and all the avocado toast you can eat?


Amidst these US political maneuvers, disturbing revelations have emerged about the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli genocide. Leaked footage from Israel shows the Israeli Air Force, not Hamas, in an Apache helicopter shooting and bombing its own civilians: “Supernova” music festival goers.

Supernova festival goer’s cars. Hamas does not have the capability of such carnage.

Remember, this “unprovoked assault” upon the Israeli people is the basis for justifying the genocide of Palestinians, 40% of which are children.

And please don’t call me anti-Semetic. The Palestinians are Semitic, for God sake.

In addition, an Israeli hostage survivor recounts her horrific experience of witnessing the indiscriminate killings of her Israeli friends and boyfriend by Israeli forces.

While the Israelis are grappling with the biggest mind-f**k of the century - their own government is their mortal enemy - the Arab and Muslim world will not stand idly by.

Nothing to joke about here.

Leaders of Muslim countries convened at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to address the Palestinian crisis. The OIC countries collectively decided to confront Israeli actions and issued an ultimatum, threatening military intervention unless Israel addresses alleged war crimes within its government.

To be very frank, the State of Israeli will not survive this. The writing is on the wall.

As I had posted a couple weeks back, China has already removed Israel from their online maps. They know what’s up.

Then their is Ukraine that has crashed and burned and is now dealing with the fallout from a failed Khazarian/Zionist/Mossad led war.

This has created such a messy, political hotbed, the US will drop like a domino next and because we have lost our footing as the super power, parasites, such as Xi Zinging are jockeying for position, all ushered into position by his communistic foot-soldiers, Newsom and Biden, who sold their souls to the devil long ago.

Jinping’s visit gives rise to serious speculation that California might be offered as a “diplomatic gesture,” potentially reshaping America as we know it.

Why else do you think Xi Zinping raced over to the US for a quick “home tour” of his new pad?


Simultaneously, warnings of impending terror on US soil have surfaced, with claims of a significant influx of potential saboteurs and terrorists. The open borders policy and alleged support from the Biden administration have intensified concerns, pointing to a potential wave of attacks on American infrastructure especially following the complete failure of the global khazarian/zionist wars in Europe and the Middle East.

It’s difficult to imagine America is not going to see retribution for the damage we have caused across the globe. It’s imperative people prepare for interruptions of energy, communications, food, supplies, etc.

Remember that saying?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

I have no intention of failing.


Can we now see what is at play here? How the degradation of our society from the inside out, in a parasitic fashion, has been in preparation for the restructuring of political dominance?

It’s time to stop looking through the left/right paradigm and instead, start identifying and rooting out the parasites once and for all.

Great change is at our door. We knew this ancient parasitic system had to crash and burn, but now it is upon the good American people to protect itself from a communistic infestation.

Thanks, Gavin. But no thanks.


Remember how I posted about two competing timelines a few weeks back, one known as the natural, god-source Kryst timeline and the other artificial one known as the Fibonacci timeline? And how they were converging on November 8th and 9th and defining our path from this point forward?

While it looks like all hell is breaking out, to be frank, this parasitic cabal has to come crashing down to free ourselves from some damn dark demonic forces. It has to. And we are seeing this.

While it looks bleak and scary, it seems necessary to clean house to begin anew, sort of speak.

Does this mean this comes without risk or threats? No. But it’s up to us to determine a clear path for ourselves. And the best thing to do is not be dependent upon a parasitic system that intends to suck the life out of you and your children.

So, as I have posted repeatedly, prepare yourself to be as self-sufficient as possible.

And remember, the best parasitic cleanse is a formula of truth, integrity, and transparency.

Now, carry on.

PS. The video of the woman speaking at the very end of my video is Laura Aboli. You can check her out HERE.


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