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Unequivocal Evidence of Our Ability to Weaponize Earthquakes

In the wake of Turkey's horrendous earthquakes, Americans should consider lobbying their legislators to resurrect old legislation that would protect the world from such modern-day wrath.

I got a lot of responses from my recent post/video regarding the possible use of silent weaponry to create the recent series of earthquakes in Turkey. I had a variety of reactions, including the possibility it was due to a pole shift. While I won’t argue that this is possible, I still don’t believe this is the case.

I also had many people enquire whether or not it is possible to create earthquakes.

That would be an emphatic yes.

I’m not alone in this thinking. Many of our legislators thought the same, dating back to 2001 when legislation introduced H.R 2977 to ban such space weaponry:

The President shall direct the United States representatives to the United Nations and other international organizations to immediately work toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing a world agreement banning space-based weapons.

Whether this assault came from space or land via HAARP or satellite can be debated. But clearly, we have been capable of this destruction for some time.

Why else was legislation put forth to stop it if this type of technology (and more) were not possible?

H.R 2977 didn't pass, leading one to ponder why not? Who in their right mind would want to subject the global population to such evil? Well, it looks like our leaders do.


One must assume this is because the U.S. government, military, and most likely NATO intended to use it. So, if we assume this is the case, it’s overdue that we look for evidence of its fingerprints.

The most recent earthquakes in Turkey fit the bill, and Dutchsinse does a good job lifting the fingerprints off an Accuweather map seen in the video above.

I grabbed a chronology that had crossed my path regarding the possible build-up to such a military assault on Turkey to give my subscribers an idea of why I continue to think this a real possibility:

     Turkey votes against Sweden joining Nato.
     The Koran is burned throughout Europe.
     This sets up a retaliatory terrorist narrative.
     Embassies shut down.  
     Travel warnings are issued.
     Meanwhile, a US War ship causally strolls thru Turkey waters.
     Then the next day, a devastating earthquake.
     NATO needs Turkey to comply with its WW3 agenda.
     Erdogan has been playing both sides for too long.  Now they're going to reign     him in.
     Elections are coming up in April.  Are they done with this puppet?   Will they install their next puppet?  

      Little to no aid from US or NATO at large.
                                                                                                     Author Unknown

There is plenty of evidence of the capacity to create earthquakes. However, it has become apparent in my recent searches for videos I had seen in the past that they are clearly being scrubbed from the internet. Another sure sign that something is up.

I attempted over and over to watch this video of Catherine Austin Fitts. But Bitchute won’t let me play it. Perhaps you will have better luck.

I made another attempt on Bitchute to watch a video on the topic, but to no avail:

But don’t worry.

There are plenty of puppy videos you can watch unabated.


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