Dr. Simone Gold: Becoming the Bernie Madoff of the Medical Freedom Movement

Continued denial, fraud, and disassociation of reality plaguing former America's Frontline Doctor's founder.

The continued fraud, denial, disassociation of reality, and erratic behavior plaguing former America's Frontline Doctor's founder, Dr. Simone Gold, is a growing concern within the medical freedom movement.

I have covered this extensively here, here, here, here, and here.

The AFLDS madness does not stop. Despite an Arizona judge recently clearly determining AFLDS founder, Dr. Simone Gold, is no longer president, chair, or CEO, Gold continues labeling herself as such, fraudulently requesting donations as if they are going to the AFLDS organization.

The level of deception and delusion has become a growing concern among medical freedom advocates, including Kevin Jenkins, appointed AFLDS Oversight Committee Chair.

Daily, I continue to be sent from concerned AFLDS members emails they have received showing Gold continuing to fraudulently deem herself as AFLDS chair, president, and CEO. These emails never clarify that she is no longer legally associated with AFLDS. This false declaration always comes with many donation buttons within the body of correspondence.

In addition, Gold is conflating the 501(c)(3) non-profit AFLDS with her for-profit enterprise, Gold Care. As an attorney, many wonder how Gold can not realize the legal consequences of her actions, and many are expecting Gold to return behind bars but for a much more extensive prison sentence.

While AFLDS Oversight Committee Chair Jenkins has provided me with some of the staggering and disturbing results of their extensive review of former AFLDS operations and finances,  I cannot go into further detail beyond stating it has become evident that Gold has absconded with multi-millions of dollars of donor’s money, beyond the $3.6 million Florida home that she continues to live in rent-free with her gay porn underwear model, John Strand. The three AFLDS-owned luxury vehicles also continue to be in her possession.

Jenkins likened the situation to the American financial fraudster of Wall Street, the late Bernie Madoff, who was ultimately sentenced to 150 years in prison…. The level of depravity will indeed cast a dark shadow over the entire medical freedom movement. As I have queried in a previous post, whether this is by design or a sign of mental illness (or both) has yet to be determined.

As it currently stands, Gold and Strand are on tour, visiting many unwitting church leaders and congregation, stepping onto the stage to lecture ironically on “values & ethics.”

The bow tie is the cherry on top for underwear model, Strand. I assume this is supposed to convey his ethical standards….?

It must be pointed out that this current flier is still promoting John Strand as Creative Director of Frontline Doctors. To be very clear, Strand no longer holds such an official title per a unanimous vote by the current ALDS board and legal court determination.

While Gold continues to portray herself as being attacked, there could be nothing further from the truth. I and others are simply pointing out court-declared facts.

Simone Gold In San Jose This Saturday

I am traveling out of state and unavailable to attend the event this Saturday at the Calvery Chapel, 1175 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, California, from 6-8 pm. I am shouting out to any truthers out there who may be able to attend on my behalf and ask any of the following questions;

  1. Why do you continue to declare yourself AFLDS president, chair, and CEO when it has been established in court you are not?

  2. Do you intend to return the multi-millions of dollars donated to AFLDS, not to you personally?

  3. Why do you continue to live in the $3.6 million Floridian home purchased with money donated to AFLDS by unsuspecting contributors?

  4. As an attorney, do you not realize the legal ramifications of your current fraudulent actions, claims, and donation collection?

  5. Why do you continue to conflate the non-profit AFLDS with your for-profit business, Gold Care?

If anyone out there can ask Gold any of these questions, please let me know her responses in the comments below.

Ultimately, this isn’t going to end well for Gold. She seems to hold herself above the law and the ethical standard expected of a medical freedom advocate fighting for truth and justice.

The early days when Kevin Jenkins was in full support of Dr. Simone Gold.

It must be challenging to be Gold these days, pouring energy into maintaining such a false and dying narrative.


Getting the AFLDS House in Order

Imperfection and mistakes set aside, the current AFLDS board is rising to the challenge. The ALDS board has done a remarkable job grabbing the reins and recovering from what would otherwise destroy most other misguided non-profits. Below is a list of immediate action items the board is currently undertaking to recover AFLDS’ reputation and the critical work it has yet to do.

Official Statement from the AFLDS Steering Committee

Preliminary Action Report

After an extensive review of the operations and some financials (as we await the full forensic audit) within America’s Frontline Doctors, the Oversight Committee suggests immediate action, as outlined herein, which will assist in regaining the public’s trust and restoring the image and integrity of America’s Frontline Doctors.

Immediate Action Items, As Suggested by the Committee, Which the Board Has Already Taken

  1. Terminate employees who acted to the detriment of the Board and the entire organization by assisting Simone Gold in her illegal takeover of company assets and financials.

  2. Hire a part-time Human Resources manager to assist with getting the company into compliance.

  3. Start the process of evicting Simone Gold and John Strand from the Naples home so that it can be sold.

  4. Empower employees to get back to work on new initiatives through restructuring of the organization to become more productive with fewer employees.

  5. Review and establish an employee payroll budget that is only a portion of what Simone Gold was operating the company under.

  6. Establish job descriptions and clearly defined roles and deliverables for each employee.

  7. Review payroll to ensure employees are paid appropriately. Adjust pay where needed.

  8. Send out former employee surveys and speak with former employees to discuss how the company was run during their time at AFLDS and discuss the issues that they experienced. (Summary of which will be attached as exhibit.)

Action Items the Committee Suggests the Board Take Over the Next 60 Days

Expanding the Board

The oversight committee suggests adding two new (unpaid) Board members who have medical backgrounds and are mission driven.

The Committee recognizes the current Board members for their commitment and humility to stay around, put themselves on the line, and admit responsibility and want to fix things. We recognize there are many areas in which the Board failed however we also recognize that this organization grew incredibly quickly, and the Board was not prepared for the level of expense and spending that Simone Gold was going to take. There appear to be many actions that occurred without the Board’s knowledge or consent which are beginning to come to light thanks to an extensive forensic audit. We will report further on this once the audit is complete.

Executive Team

Over the next ten days, the Steering Committee will be reviewing and restructuring the executive team at AFLDS. A press conference will be held at the conclusion to announce the new executive team and their plan to move the company forward with transparency and integrity. The committee will ensure that executives are appropriately paid based on their level of experience and amount of work being put into the company.

Compliance Issues

After initial overview, it is evident that AFLDS lacks many typical and necessary company documents. We suggest that the new HR director work with counsel to implement policies such as contracts, employee handbook, and all other documentation necessary to maintain compliance with state and federal law. These documents will also drive employee accountability and protect the company.


The CFO who was formerly operating under AFLDS has refused to comply with the Board’s requests for financial documentation which has caused the forensic audit to take considerably longer than otherwise necessary. The actions and negligence of AFLDS’ former accountant have caused extreme detriment to the company.

It is suggested that a new accounting firm be brought on immediately. This firm should handle payroll and all other financial activities and ensure that funds coming and going are handled in a legal and compliant manner. Spending guidelines should be put into place and each employee should sign off in acknowledgement of these. The spending on company credit cards that went on under Simone Gold must cease immediately. Company credit cards should go only to employees who need to book company related flights and travel and for recurring expenses for company software or other necessary systems. The Director of HR should be responsible for reviewing monthly credit cards statements and ensuring proper documentation is retained for all necessary purchases, per IRS guidelines.

Employee Accountability and Company Structure

The steering committee has found that there was very little accountability under the direction of Simone Gold. Many employees were overpaid and contributed little or nothing. The spending on credit cards was astronomical and there is not a single receipt to accompany any expenses. Certain former employees WILL be referred for criminal charges.

Moving forward, to ensure accountability to both the organization and the American people, each employee should be provided with weekly deliverables. Additionally, employees must be empowered to voice opinions and concerns without fear of retaliation and termination. (See former employee surveys which show many employees who voiced concern under Simone Gold were terminated as a result.) Weekly team meetings will ensure visibility and transparency across the company. Each team will be expected to work together to produce high quality content that promotes the charitable purpose of the organization.

There must be no more work done solely for the benefit of one person as was often the case under Simone Gold’s leadership. Employees need to regain focus on the mission, to provide information and help to the American people so that they can navigate and advocate for their own health and wellness, as is the mission of this non-profit.

The company must begin to operate on a budget. No mansions, no headquarters, no company vehicles, no private jets.

Current Assets to Be Liquidated

Naples Home

Dr. Gold and John Strand have been provided with notice that they have 30 days to vacate the Naples home. Florida counsel has also been contacted in the event the Board needs to start eviction procedures.

Company Cars

Simone Gold, through AFLDS, purchased three vehicles in the past year. A Mercedes sprinter van and GMC Yukon XL Denali for company travel as well as personal Hyundai SUV for herself and John Strand’s use. None of these three vehicles are currently benefitting AFLDS. All three should be immediately brought into the rightful possession of the AFLDS Board and sold. The proceeds of such sales should go into a secure bank account and be used for company operating expenses.


The committee suggests that AFLDS explore options to reinstitute telehealth services. Not just for covid related treatments but for all general medical needs that can be handled at a reasonable price via telehealth. AFLDS is synonymous for saving lives thanks through providing access to telehealth during the covid pandemic. We must ensure that people have access to affordable, like-minded medical professionals.

The Vision Forward

The team at AFLDS has created a vision forward that brings value to the American people while operating on a stringent budget.

  • The news team will be re-imagined. AFLDS will no longer spend $50,000 a month for news articles from a team in Israel. No more articles rooted in fear. We will have weekly interviews and articles from American’s and physicians directly involved in the freedom movement.

  • AFLDS will provide educational materials for navigating the new world. Health, preventative medicine, medical advocacy, homemaking and homesteading, and more will all be addressed in 2023 and beyond.

  • The medical team will be responsible for putting out weekly content (written and video) sharing ways for the people to take their health into their own hands. This will include updates within the medical community (viruses, Pfizer, etc.), medical education and disease prevention, etc.

  • CC will produce articles and pamphlets to help citizens engage where they’re at. We will encourage people to hold gatherings of like-minded people within their communities and they can use our pamphlets and materials to cover different subjects each month.

  • CC will also develop a QRT (quick response team) within each region. Made up of healthcare professionals, lawyers, etc. who people can reach out to with issues in their community as they arise.

  • In conclusion, the Steering Committee is here to ensure that every donor dollar is accounted for and spent appropriately. Moving forward, AFLDS must operate beyond reproach, at the highest level of ethical responsibility to the donors and American people. It is time that the focus is moved away from narcissistic leaders and brought back to the true mission of this great organization.

I wish the current AFLDS the best of luck during this difficult time.


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