How to Spot Psyops

Aliens in Miami to Standing Rock in North Dakota. Subtle or overt, psyops are on the rise. Here are tips & real-world examples to help build your awareness as we move into 2024, The Year of Psyops.

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In my first video of 2024, I explore the nuances and hallmarks of psyop operations, small and large, including how easy it is to trigger a population.

I dive into a most peculiar event in Miami on January 1st – an alleged alien sighting in a mall.

My journey takes a personal turn as I recount my experiences with psyops, including my time at the 2016 Standing Rock protests in North Dakota: a story never told. Here, I witnessed the power of media distortion and the manipulation of public perception. It was a simple yet effective psyop that dramatically shifted the course of the Standing Rock protest, illustrating how easily we can be swayed.


Drawing parallels to a supposed alien invasion in Florida, I highlight the potential use of psyops to distract us from critical geopolitical issues. I urge viewers to remain vigilant and question the narratives throughout the year because much is at stake.

This video isn't just a recount of events; it's a wake-up call to the subtle yet powerful forces that shape our understanding of the world.

Watch my full video above for an eye-opening experience that challenges our perceptions and urges us to question the reality presented to us. This year promises to be a thrilling journey of discovery, and this video is your first step.


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