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If the Lights Go Dark, Call Out the CIA & the State of Israel

April 8th, URGENT CONSIDERATION: Is the threat of a mass US/ European power outage and martial law imminent??

I urge you to pay close attention and be open-minded regarding the following information, as it contains a critical warning that could impact us all. While I typically focus on solutions rather than spreading fear, the current geopolitical climate demands our attention. Recent events, including the ongoing crisis in Gaza, the Baltimore Francis Scott Key bridge collapse (now being plucked out of the river by a crane with a "CIA history"), and the recent bombing of the Iranian embassy by Israeli forces suggest that we may be on the brink of a full-scale global conflict.

The urgency is compounded by the predictive programming evident in Obama's disturbing film, 'Leave the World Behind,' coupled with recent signs pointing to a significant event aligning with the forthcoming solar eclipse on April 8th, as previously detailed in my substack post, HERE. While I am cautious about assigning specific dates to potential events, the convergence of unusual occurrences, such as states declaring States of Emergency and mobilization of the National Guard in preparation for the solar eclipse, raises serious concerns.

More importantly, my interview with Matthew Tower, documentary filmmaker of Israel's Second 9/11: How Zionism Conquered JFK, America, and Palestine, is causing me to want to put out a severe warning to my friends, subscribers, and beyond.


According to Tower, on April 8th or soon after, there is a strong likelihood of a coordinated attack on the power grids of the United States and Europe, along with widespread internet disruptions. Such a disruption could last for a minimum of 10 days, providing the perpetrators with a pretext to blame an innocent actor — rather than those who have been behind almost every assassination and false flag event of the last 60 years — and escalate us into a full-blown WWIII.

I cannot urge you enough to watch my interview above, as well as Matthew Tower's documentary, Israel's Second 9/11: How Zionism Conquered JFK, America, and Palestine on Rumble…. AND SHARE WIDELY.

Tower presents a complex theory suggesting that the QAnon conspiracy, migrant invasion, Gaza genocide, Ukraine, and various geopolitical tensions are all interconnected elements of a larger plot, implicating the CIA, Israeli Zionists, and Donald Trump in an intricate scheme aimed at reshaping global and domestic politics.

The narrative covers a broad range of topics, including but not limited to the manipulation of electoral outcomes, orchestrated power outages, anticipated martial law, and even larger potential global conflicts. Tower unveils a highly coordinated effort to return Donald Trump to the presidency through unconventional and illicit means, leveraging societal and technological disruptions to facilitate this transition. He further posits that these events are possibly designed to culminate in war with Iran, driven by a deep-seated Zionist agenda. This video comes with a call for public vigilance and a reevaluation of widely accepted narratives, urging viewers to reconsider the underlying truths of contemporary global dynamics.


Here are just a few excerpt highlights from the historical context within Tower’s documentary. I highly recommend you watch this video to fully understand what is currently at play and share it widely:

The government's been taken over….The date we lost our government was November 22nd. 1963. The day JFK was assassinated.

When the Twin Towers collapsed in controlled demolitions engineered by the Israeli Mossad, Twin Towers owner Larry Silverstein worked through his buddy Eliot Spitzer, the pro-Israel Zionist governor of New York, to use an insurance scam that pocketed him a $4.5 billion windfall.

He reportedly added that these events swung American public opinion in Israeli favor.

Israel's main strategic goal with Operation 9/11 was to spread panic and terrorize the public into hating Arabs and Muslims so that Americans would support perpetual Middle East wars on behalf of Israel.

What's the truth about al-Qaeda, who was blamed for 9/11, and the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS? Both were created by Israel's Mossad and the CIA, who used them as puppets to deceive the public and fabricate phony justifications for U.S. wars, primarily to advance Israel's goal to create a Middle East empire. From the Jordan River to the Middle East, that's all ours.

Israel has been planning the total genocide, expulsion, and subjugation of the Palestinian people for many years. In February 2008, Israeli General Matan Vilnay threatened Palestinians in Gaza with a bigger holocaust. In 2017, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich unveiled Israel's blueprint to commit genocide against the Palestinians in the decisive plan, also known as the subjugation plan.

Israel used its second 9/11, the October 7, 2023 incident, as the justification to implement the decisive plan of genocide of Palestinians that Smotrich publicly announced six years earlier.

Washington is Israel's most subservient colony.

JFK supported Palestinian refugee rights, opposed Israel's nuclear weapons program and expansionist war plans, and tried to force AIPAC to register as a foreign agent.

From the moment he took office in January 1961… JFK made it crystal clear that nuclear weapon non-proliferation was a pillar of his presidency as part of his quest for global disarmament, the abolition of nuclear weapons and all weapons of war, and ending the capacity of all nations to wage war.

His Zionist vice president, Lyndon Johnson, who was primarily loyal to Israel, did not share JFK's values. JFK had already taken steps to coordinate and expand our disarmament effort and make arms control a central national policy goal.

Not only was LBJ opposed to every aspect of JFK's peace and disarmament policies, Johnson, in the 1940s, had illegally shipped weapons in boxes marked Texas Grapefruit to Zionist terrorist militias who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians in the 1948 Nakba.

Neither JFK nor his brother and confidant, Robert Kennedy, wanted LBJ in the White House, as revealed by JFK's widow, Jackie Kennedy.

The only way Israel would be able to conquer and hold onto the West Bank, Gaza, and vast tracts of Egyptian and Syrian territory in the 1960s was by placing a Zionist puppet they could control in the White House [thus the JFK assassination].

Ben-Gurion and other Zionist terrorist leaders masterminded the ethnic cleansing of Palestine using terrorism and the mass slaughter of civilians to expel 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and destroy 530 Palestinian villages.

JFK's proposed return of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees would have upended Israel's violently engineered Zionist Jewish majority status.

Furthermore, JFK's refugee return would have de facto blocked Israel's long-game maximalist Middle East ambition to create a massive Greater Israel Empire from the Euphrates River to the Nile River, what Zionist rabbis called the Promised Land, swallowing all of Palestine and Jordan plus large chunks of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and all of Lebanon.

Ben-Gurion created and supervised the Mossad and Yitzhak Shamir became the Mossad Director of Assassinations, a position Shamir held at the time of the JFK assassination in 1963. For Israel, the JFK assassination was the sequel to the [Count Folke] Bernadotte [a United Nations Mediator for Palestine] assassination fifteen years earlier.

On top of everything else, JFK was livid at Israel's lobbyists in America. He directed his Attorney General and brother RFK to register the American Zionist Council, the predecessor to AIPAC, as a foreign agent. An attorney who worked for Israel's lobbyists wrote that this effort would eventually destroy the entire Zionist movement.

Had the Kennedy brothers' registration efforts succeeded, it likely would have resulted in the end of the state of Israel because these same American Zionist lobbyists for Israel, such as Abraham Feinberg, would have been exposed for funding Israel's nuclear weapons project, contrary to JFK's entire foreign policy

The American Zionist Council was pumping out propaganda about every aspect of Israel's nuclear program to deceive the American public. These treasonous lobbyists, who claimed to be Americans but were loyal to Israel, lied and said Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona was built for peaceful purposes and couldn't possibly produce a bomb. If the Kennedy brothers had succeeded in registering the American Zionist Council as a foreign agent, which would have subjected all their records and finances to federal scrutiny, the entire nuclear weapons theft operation would likely have been unmasked.

And had JFK found out about it, he certainly would have ended all military and economic aid to Israel, as he threatened to do three times starting in May of 1963. Israel would likely have collapsed given its total dependency on American aid. Also, JFK might have asked the United Nations to rescind its 1949 vote that granted member states status to Israel.


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