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EXCLUSIVE: City of San Diego's Failure Causes Destruction, Death, and Exposes a Blueprint for the Dismantling of America

Exclusive undercover video reveals predatory practices following San Diego's catastrophic event, & the parallels the invasion of Europe & America have with the deconstruction of Western civilization.

I recently ventured to San Diego to scrutinize the invasion at the southern border and instead found myself amidst an unforeseen disaster. A week prior, on January 22nd, massive flooding ravaged neighborhoods in Southcrest, Logan Heights, and beyond, laying waste to a multi-generational working-class community: a scene too often found after these disasters. 

Engineered catastrophes occur either through the immediate impact of the disaster itself or through the neglect and criminality of a governments' lack of response -- always taking an extraordinary toll on all those caught in the crosshairs. 

The SouthEast San Diego floods were not merely due to excessive rainfall but the result of longstanding neglect by city officials. Residents of affected areas had repeatedly called for maintenance of Chollas Creek for over 10 years, hoping to prevent such disasters. Their pleas went unheeded, leading to a scenario where water, filled with debris and sewage, overflowed into their lives, causing deaths that the media and San Diego officials continue to ignore.

In this video, I draw parallels between the flood's aftermath and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Paradise Fire, Lahaina, and other disasters that disproportionately affect marginalized communities, highlighting a pattern of abandonment by those in power.

This negligence reflects a broader pattern of neglect at the national and international level, where open borders and insufficient responses to disasters act as catalysts, accelerating the erosion of the societal fabric. 

Through my firsthand observations, I uncover a disturbing playbook: catastrophic events leveraged to further weaken already vulnerable communities, exacerbating inequality and pushing them into a cycle of poverty and despair, opening them to predatory behavior as seen in our undercover videos. 


Yet, in the face of adversity, there is resilience. Community organizations and volunteers, like Melissa Grace of SanDiegoRiseUp, have stepped in where the government has failed, providing immediate relief and support to those affected. 

This disaster in San Diego is not an isolated incident but a symptom of a larger disease afflicting Western civilization. It's a disease marked by prioritizing global, political agendas over people's welfare and at the expense of a community's recovery in favor of backroom deals.

As we stand at this crossroads, I urge all Americans (and Europeans) to look beyond the immediate and see the patterns that threaten the fabric of our societies.

The floods in San Diego and the ongoing crisis at the border are but chapters in the larger narrative of our time — a narrative that we have the power to rewrite. Through awareness, advocacy, and action, we can stem the tide of negligence and division, fostering a future where community resilience and unity are the cornerstones of our civilization.

In the end, the story that unfolded before me is more than a tale of disaster; it's a testament to the human spirit's enduring strength and a reminder that, even in our darkest hours, there is light to be found in the solidarity and empathy of our fellow beings.

To Support the Southcrest Victims, Please Go HERE.


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