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Rigged Reality: How Systematic Manipulation Hijacks Every US Election

Observations from my CA gubernatorial campaign; dive into the clandestine world of election manipulation that goes beyond the ballot box.

In the 2022 California primary during my run for governor, my campaign efforts exposed me to a series of systematic manipulations in the electoral process that underscores the intricate ways electoral outcomes can be influenced beyond mere voting. My firsthand experiences revealed a pattern of censorship and manipulation at various levels, raising even bigger questions about the integrity of the electoral process throughout the entire nation and at every level.

The covert and overt influences on electoral outcomes extends far beyond the casting and counting of votes on Election Day. This destructive hand operates through a complex web of publication biases, social media censorship, strategic retractions, and the pervasive reach of cancel culture, collectively orchestrating a multifaceted election interference campaign. Each element is a cog in a well-oiled machine designed to manipulate public perception and silence dissenting voices.


As a former member of the editorial board for my local newspaper, The Union, and a local radio broadcaster at KVMR for a decade (check out my recent post on this radio station HERE), it was particularly striking to witness the silence from these local media outlets during my campaign for governor. Despite covering 20,000 miles across California in 6 months to engage with voters, their lack of coverage contributed to a broader invisibility of my candidacy at both local and statewide levels.

This absence of media attention was further exacerbated when, on the morning of January 11th, 2022, major social media platforms and services like Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, and Uber Rides simultaneously deactivated my accounts, significantly hindering my ability to communicate with potential supporters (as reported in my Substack HERE).

Obviously, these platforms all got "The Memo."

Uber Rides and Eats went a step further and returned every penny I spent on their services while on the campaign trail. Until then, I had never heard of such a thing.



Following my critique of BlackRock's practices in the housing market, the situation took a more concerning turn. After sharing my answers for a San Diego Union-Tribune Q&A for California gubernatorial candidates —then owned by billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong — the publication was contacted by BlackRock, leading to a retraction of my statements by the publication regarding BlackRock's predatory actions around scooping up California's housing market and turning it into unaffordable rentals.

Publications and media outlets, by selectively covering candidates and issues, sculpt the electoral narrative, often sidelining unconventional or challenging viewpoints through omission or negative framing. Social media platforms, wielding the power of visibility, can amplify or mute political discourse, effectively shaping the electorate's access to information and engagement with candidates.

This was the question BlackRock targeted in my SD Union-Tribune Q&A:

Q: Housing affordability has been a central focus for state lawmakers for years, yet home prices and rents are soaring, and investor speculation is greater than ever. How do you address this?

A: First of all, we need to look at the root causes of why many Californians are unable to afford the quality of life of their grandparents and parents. The inability to make ends meet is only exacerbated by the lack of affordable housing.

Most Californians don’t know there are massive corporate companies buying single-family homes under the auspices of home rental companies like Invitation Homes and larger ownership companies like Blackstone [and BlackRock] ) which collectively own tens of thousands of single-family homes in California. The companies purchase homes with cash offers, paying over the asking price, with the intention of having them be forever-rentals, and the average potential home-buyer (even with two incomes) is unable to compete.

The act of retracting statements or articles under pressure from powerful entities further distorts the truth, undermining the electorate's ability to make informed decisions based on complete and accurate information.



The irony is not lost on me; fast forward to two years later, this last February, I captured an incident exposing a real estate agent from PorchLight Realty, a company with significant investments from BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and BlackRock Fund Advisors, exploiting a tragic situation to convert generational homes into high-end rentals following a tragic flood in SouthEastern San Diego a month ago (captured in this undercover video as can be seen in a recent Substack HERE).

My experience uncovering BlackRock's predatory manuevers via PorchLight Reality validated my previous criticisms in my San Diego Union-Tribue Q&A answers but also showcased the predatory tactics employed by these corporate entities.

My campaign's challenges were not limited to media and corporate interference. The electoral process presented obstacles, as illustrated by the exclusion of my candidacy from a gubernatorial candidate article by The LA Times, also owned by Soon-Shiong, following the San Diego Union-Tribune Q&A.

The LA Times made sure not to mention my name.

Cancel culture adds another layer to this intricate tapestry of interference. It targets individuals and ideas that deviate from the mainstream or challenge the status quo, effectively erasing alternative perspectives from the public discourse. This culture of silencing and shaming not only suppresses free speech but also narrows the ideological spectrum that is visible and acceptable in the public arena.

These tactics contribute to a landscape where elections are not merely contests of policies and personalities but battlegrounds of information control, narrative dominance, and psychological warfare. The end result is a process that can appear externally democratic while being internally rigged, with the actual power residing not in the hands of the voters but in those who control the flow of information and the boundaries of acceptable discourse. Through this series of multi-layered interferences, the hidden hand shapes the outcome of elections and the very fabric of democratic engagement, questioning the integrity of what we consider free and fair elections.


In the video at the top of this post, I share a video recently sent by a friend who uncovered serious irregularities in her son's California ballot—or, should I say, lack thereof. It's missing the entire US Presidential page.

How can we have a fair election if ballots are missing crucial pages or contain errors, disenfranchising voters and skewing election outcomes? 

We can't.

Ballots throughout California and the US are riddled with "mistakes and omissions" by design. These little mistakes create the ultimate "death by a thousand cuts" that ultimately serves only the candidates of the parasitic class.

If you don't pay attention, you may think it's an anomaly, but the entire system surrounding it is rigged, not just the elections.

It’s not only California that is destroying the electoral integrity, it’s states across the entire nation.


With so much hanging in the balance, are we to believe that US postal carriers won’t be tempted to throw away ballots that don’t match their personal party preferences?

These are not uncommon mishaps but a ubiquitous use of election interference in many forms to ensure "We The People" will have to endure the outcome of another rigged election.

These experiences during my run for governor revealed a multifaceted approach to undermining electoral integrity, from media censorship and corporate manipulation to systemic issues within the voting process itself. It underscores the need for greater transparency and accountability in our electoral system, ensuring that all candidates have a fair chance to present their platforms and that voters can make informed decisions without undue influence from powerful interests.

But I think to get where we want to be, it’s going to require a revolt.


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