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The Unseen Hand: How Divisions Distract Us from the Real Enemy

The Unseen Hand: How Divisions Distract Us from the Real Enemy

Tracing how Americans shifted from the unified 2011 protests of Occupy Wall Street to today’s engineered demolition - fomented by Israel/Palestine genocide & the increasing invasion at our US border.

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In this audio podcast, I delve into a myriad of pressing issues that are shaping the current socio-political landscape in America and touch upon broader global concerns. My reflections span from the contentious immigration policies in the United States to the surge of antisemitism, drawing parallels and distinctions with similar phenomena in Europe and revisiting the profound unity observed during the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011.

At the heart of my discourse is a critical examination of the U.S. immigration system, which I argue is being leveraged to foster division, chaos, and a controlled demolition of our country. The provision of immediate benefits to migrants, such as U.S. passports, health insurance, and voting rights, is not about humanitarian aid but a deliberate strategy to sow discord among Americans that ultimately opens us to a hostile invasion and reduce the U.S. to a third-world nation.


No doubt, the recent genocidal works of Israel against the Palestinians are causing unabated antisemitism throughout the US and are often misdirected at Jewish individuals who are as distant from the orchestrations of global parasites as the rest of us. This misdirection is a failure to see the forest for the trees, where the real adversaries remain shrouded behind layers of societal division.

The outcome of this antisemitism may ultimately lead our legislators to "justifying" "free speech" legislation, protecting the very monsters we are attempting to remove from power.

Reflecting on the Occupy Wall Street movement, I recall the unity and determination that defined our collective stand against economic inequality and corporate greed. This was a moment in time when we were indeed a threat to the establishment.

Those days in Zuccotti Park, braving the elements and the uncertainty of our endeavor, demonstrated the power of collective action, transcending the superficial divisions of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Occupy Wall Street's leaderless structure and inclusive ethos showcased what is possible when the 99% stand together against the 1%.


However, this moment of potential for significant societal change in 2011 was quickly recognized as a threat by the parasitic class, prompting a calculated response to dismantle the unity through the age-old divide-and-conquer tactic. By stoking racial tensions, emphasizing differences, and creating new lines of division, the 1% has managed to deflect attention from their continued exploitation of resources and power.

"The skillful strategist defeats the enemy without doing battle, captures the city without laying siege, overthrows the kingdom without lengthy operations in the field."

-Sun Tzu

I would like to draw attention to the sophisticated strategies employed to maintain this division, from the contentious debates around vaccination and education to the politicization of environmental activism. As I see it, the aim is clear: to ensure that the populace remains too divided, too embroiled in their conflicts, and to recognize their common enemy.


As I contemplate the current state of affairs, from the increased polarization to the potential for widespread societal disruption, I call for a resurgence of the spirit of Occupy Wall Street. It's a call to action for unity, grassroots mobilization, and a renewed focus on the systemic issues plaguing our society. By understanding the tactics of division and looking beyond the immediate provocations to the underlying causes, we can forge a path that empowers Americans to set a course of their own making.

This commentary is not just a reflection on past movements or current crises; it's a plea for awareness, solidarity, and action. Recalling the unity and purpose of Occupy Wall Street offers a beacon of hope and a roadmap for navigating the challenges ahead in the face of engineered divisions and external threats.


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